The Posh FinDomme

Elite high-end wallet draining by Goddess Posh.

Superior women deserve to be catered to by inferior males, and I truly believe that all women are superior. By nature I've been designed to demolish and crush you men with just the sway of my hips. Most women haven't learned or embraced this about themselves, which is too bad because it's a wonderful feeling.

Its this sensual raw power a woman posesses which I use to keep you boys drooling and weak for me. It's not your fault really, you never stood a chance.

Don't deny this fact, you were wired to be a servant to ME just by the very fact that you're a man. I know you feel it, the weakness welling up inside of you. What is this mischevious superior Goddess going to do to me, you might be wondering...

I'm going to make you spend and spend to NO end. I'm going to make you BEG for your own wallet rape. I'm going to make you CRAWL to me wallet in your teeth, and tail tucked between your legs. I'm going to make you howl like the bitch you are just so I can have MORE! I want MORE and you will be the GOOD BOY that gives it. You will submit to my superiority, kneel under my curves, submit to my MINDFUCK and feel the financial lust I relish in draining you dry of every last cent. Why should you, as a male servant, ever be given a break in any way? You will work and work and work like the swine you are. You will sweat and bleed MONEY into MY hands. You're here to be the wallet I love to abuse. Mmmmm.

Allow yourself to let go and SINK into MY world where you are nothing but

a brainwashed, drone, made to click and spend all on ME. Allow yourself to slip under the Venus Sway programming, becoming just another hypnotized robotized mesmerized puppet set on AUTOMATIC... ready to spend it all on Goddess.

Drown out the rest of the world as you find your purpose on this path of financial slavery to Goddess Posh. I am the key to keeping you always on the edge, see without ME to keep you working hard and drained of funds, you'd just flounder around aimlessly... now you have direction, purpose, and reason. My financial happiness, my wealth and oppolence, are all the motivation you need to continue each day as a slave to the grind. You were bred to be a sheep of society, but now you're my sheep.

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