10 Tips for Making Money on OnlyFans as a Domme

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OnlyFans, and sites like it, can be used to keep your content from being accessed by non-paying lurkers. Just because someone wants you, & the content you make, doesn’t mean they should have access without having to PAY. Make those boys pay to follow you, and capitalize off of your brand and their obsessions! These boys are always ready for more, so don’t just let them have it, make them work for it and earn it with their wallets. They get spoiled when its too easy and forget to appreciate. Here are some tips for making money on OnlyFans, any Domme, cam girl, pro-domme, findom, sex worker etc can use! Apply them as you see fit, personalize them to your own style and brand, and get busy promoting and marketing!

10 Tips to Make Money on OnlyFans:

1. Fans, slaves, puppets and pets, hell all of them, LOVE to get close to their favorite Domme/Goddess. Of course we are too smart to just let all the broke perverts on twitter have full access and member sites are great but not as personal, so using OF is the perfect way to constantly update your loyal & PAYING fans! On OF you can use the timeline to upload daily updates about your life that are a bit more personal, your day to day details. Your fans will LOVE it! They love knowing how you are spending your day, what you are doing with the money they’ve sent, what you do while they are working hard all day long. Use the timeline to post your receipts from your shopping trips & require a TIP in return! Share little updates through out the day to help them keep you in mind and their cash in your hands.

2. If you love using cam the periscope live feature will be perfect for you and your subscribers can tip while watching. The live sessions record and save to your profile so anyone who misses it will be able to watch and tip later. You can turn on periscope and show off whatever you want, a shopping trip, meals out with friends, a real time session! It can also be a quick way to get on and update your subscribers to save you time in place of a photo set, blog post, clip etc. Announce on twitter at least a day or few hours before you are going to be live on cam, and post your sign up link! New boys may find that very tempting.

3.If you aren’t already on OF you can sign up through my link & you will be added to The Venus Sway OnlyFans Network, which is a promo page for all the ladies that I earn 5% from. The promoted ladies will have their photo, short description, and link to their OF page featured at the top of the page and on a sidebar. Below the main portion, I will post links to other ladies on OF that didn’t sign up through me, in exchange for My link on their page. So you really want to sign up through me so you can get your photo & description right at the top!

4. Behind the scenes and preview content will be a great way to flesh out your OF content and give your subscribers a way to feel closer to you & thus, more motivated to SPEND. Photos of you doing your make-up before a shoot, trying on different clothes, you in front of the lights and camera… this builds anticipation and excitement. Excited boys love to push the tip button.

5. Your subscribers will love having exclusive content not available anywhere else! This is going to keep them hooked from month to month, waiting to see what other special and PRIVATE piece of YOU they can get!  Bloopers are also a fun way to add exclusive content to your OF profile. Also, run a poll on the site and find out what kind of exclusive content your subscribers would tip the most for!   You can make it personal to the subscribers as well, using their names and weaknesses as you see fit. Which goes into the next point of using the Pay2View messaging!

6. In the Pay2View messaging you can attach photos and clips, and charge a price. They have to pay to open the message and get the content inside. This is a perfect place to send more personalized content designed with the viewers triggers in mind, or you can mass mail to all of your followers! The pay2view messaging is done directly in the chat window, so you don’t have to go back and forth between different screens to create it! That makes it so much faster and seamless to get your content into their hands & heads!

7. You can create more than one OF account, using them to each focus on a theme. I use one for my brainwash, financial domination & Goddess Worship content (the venus sway) & the other for more fetish and kinky content like CBT, strap-on, sissification etc. (venus sway unchained) You can make your themes whatever fits your brand the best. If you create another OF account sign up under yourself, because then you’ll get your own referral and get that 5% back!

8. Create your own OF Network page! This is a great way to get noticed on google (have you submitted your website to google? if not go to google and do that now!) because you and the ladies that are with you will be creating a stronger presence as a united front. It doesn’t look like OF is doing much promotion for the Sex Worker/Domme/Cam Girl/etc that use their site, so you will have to promote yourself. The more you promote it, the more subs, slaves, pets, money slaves, fans etc have a chance to find it and learn about it. With a Network Page set up of your own you can attract other ladies to join. We will all be linking to and from each other!

9. Your subscribers will still want to buy copies of your clips because you can only stream on OF, and not download.  Most fans will want to have some or all of your content in their private collection. Offer exclusive codes to your OF subscribers, codes for either discounts or mark-ups! Make them pay more for their own personal copy, I mean its your choice! I like making them pay more, always, for everything!

10. Use your brand to come up with a URL and attach your referral link to it. You get your referral link under the ‘referrals’ tab. It is not the same as your profile link. When you brand your OF with your name, instead of it showing up with ‘OnlyFans’, you are promoting YOURSELF & many people will click on your link. This means you’ll get a lot of referrals from other Dommes, but will also be able to see which boys have clicked but not subscribed, yet. They will.


General Info:

The more you update the more they check back and want to tip, but if they are slacking on tips you need to set them straight! These boys get too relaxed at times and need a reminder.


There are some words against TOS, but I haven’t found a list yet. I know for sure CBT, Squirting & Rape are banned. They won’t let you post with those words, it comes up ‘restricted word: rape’ etc. so you don’t have to worry, if you use one you’ll know!


The payout is fairly quick. I receive cash earned on Monday by Weds/Thursday sometimes. Other times it will take a few days and then all arrive at once.


There are no categories, yet. OF has been great about updating the site often, adding new features all the time. They lack at updating users about those new features but I think they will get better with that too. They do have good customer service, but twitter DM and @’s get faster response than using their online form. And there are apps for both the ios and android, so you can go ahead and run a live periscope while out on the road, update while gone etc


If it matters to you there was some drama behind the creation of OF, allegedly it was an idea stolen from another Domme who had created the site F+. I don’t know any facts, this is all hearsay. So if you are concerned about that you will have to do your own digging.


Goddess Posh

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I’ve been enslaving the male species for a while now and many have stayed my pet, or served off and on, for YEARS. This is because I am the sweetest most addicting MINDFUCK CANDY you can get your little slave hands on but also… I have a few ways I keep these boys around and paying. YOU puppets are here to do as I say, so leave a comment about how you just LOVE being manipulated into being a paying bitch for ME!

  1. Men don’t deserve something just because they want it. They think they deserve it, because of those egos and entitled attitude, but I am here to say NOPE, not today bitch. Today, you get to serve MY desires and THEN you GET TO THANK ME. Because I don’t have to let you into MY world at all, but I give you a way in. I allow you to enter MY realm, and that puts you in your place, reminds you that this isn’t a RIGHT. You’re just a cock jerking, helpless hand humping, pervert. You’re just a man, led by your ego and your dick. I keep you CHAINED and DRAINED because I know this, and I use this to MY advantage.
  2. DICKS are not my focus. In fact, the more a boy is focused on his own cock, the more likely he will be rejected from MY WORLD! I only allow men in that know and understand their physical sexual ache is only a TOOL for which they can be trained with, as their minds and bodies are programmed to run for PUSSY as fast as it can, and thus… you must GRAB them by the SLAVE LEVER and show them who is BOSS. I am BOSS. PUSSY IS BOSS. NOT COCK. Their dicks spiral down to non-existent for me, get locked up in chastity devices for me, and are used solely as a means to extract MY money. Men have grown use to living their lives with their cock in charge, and I help them to realize what they truly need is a WOMAN in charge! Women are not held back by their biological need to SOW THEIR SEED the way men are. Even older married men need a constant reminder that their dicks are NOT KING!
  3. While I learn about and understand many different femdom fetishes, I only act on those I personally enjoy. I do not let these men persuade me to do anything I am not happy about just because they have a wallet. Men are already taught they are the powerful ones and that with money they become even more powerful. Men are already taught its a womans place to satisfy them sexually, whatever their personal kink may be. So me, I refuse to do any of that. After spending the first 10 years of my womanhood (11-21) with MEN following me around, whistling at me, fetishizing different things about me, I decided ENOUGH! you MEN are PIGS and you are not going to drag me into your perversions. I make sure these lowly creatures RISE to MEET MY LEVEL! These men do not have any power over me and they know it. Unlike the interaction they have with the women that are not as aware of their power, they are use to women bending over backward to please them, they are faced with DEFIANCE and POWER with ME.  I make sure they have to work hard to earn a place in my world, so these men never take me for granted. When you make a man put work into it, he see’s it as so much more important then when it is just handed to him. His fetishes are not a priority when he realizes that only I truly matter, as I am the one that has him living with purpose.
  4. I am constantly growing as a person, I don’t pretend because I am a GODDESS that I don’t have room to become even greater. I know I can become greater and constantly strive for it. This is what a leader does, and my SHEEP of MONEY SLAVES love to follow. They see that I am a doer, a go-getter, that I get what I want, how I want. They admire that in me, and fall even more in love with me for it. They are impressed by the power and passion I exude and it gives them fuel to get through their own lives. MY passion, MY power, it is FUEL for these hungry boys, but they know they do not get to just soak me up and thrive off my essence. They must contribute to MY plans, they must be PART of MY plan with their service, sacrifice, and WALLETS. Only then are they allowed to stay here with ME, their superior leader. I do not let these fools ever think they can soak up my magical aura just because they want to, just because they are attracted and hungry for me. I make them GROW as a slave the way I grow as a GODDESS and woman!
  5. I never let these men think they have some kind of hold over me, just because they have money. I help them see quickly that money is nothing if I am not accepting it into my own bank account it is worthless, and thus they are worthless. Only by surrendering their cash to me do these men become something of value, and that is because I allow it. Its not that poor women can’t be Financial Dommes or have power, it’s that this isn’t about making up for being poor, or making up for lack of privilege. Its about DESTROYING the ego, DOMINATING the dog and CONTROLLING the perverted male species, and ALL women should be doing that, regardless of their class, privileges, needs or whatever. Don’t ever let these men be fooled into thinking they are needed. MEN, you are not NEEDED, no matter how well off or how poor a woman is, your place, your job, is to serve HER how SHE see’s fit. I believe in female supremacy, not CASH supremacy. Just because you have cash doesn’t make you some amazing catch, men. LOTS of men have cash, its the ones that are kneeling, wallet out, devoting themselves to the will of a woman that have importance to us. The more you SACRIFICE financially, the MORE you matter. The less you sacrifice, the less you matter.
  6. I keep my focus on MYSELF, MY EMPIRE, and MY SLAVES most of time. Sure, I get caught up in drama once in a while just because it can be interesting/crazy/enlightening at times but most of the time its all about ME. I keep moving ahead to my finish line, I never lose sight of it. I see it, I meet it, and then I move on to the next! This keeps my boys focused on ME too. They have no time to think about anything else because they are always absorbing more and more of me. Everywhere they turn is GODDESS POSH and THE VENUS SWAY! Every time they close their eyes their mind flashes through images of me. My words play on repeat in their boy brains. I keep them trained to filter out everything that ISNT GODDESS POSH! These boys are focused where I want them to be focused, they are just PUPPETS for ME. How could they possibly have time to ever even think about anything else ever again with all the amazing findom and mind control content I pump out. And of course I don’t just treat my clips like they are part of some MILL but I put quality into each and every second of my mindfuck candy.
  7. I take time to build lasting relationships with some of the boys that serve me. I learn about them outside of their kinks, and I nurture our bond with communication. Becoming one of my chosen Posh puppets isn’t an easy task, but usually it is something they never come back from. Very rarely do any of my chosen boys break away. Those that do usually find their way back. They become close to me, and while I do use my power and control over them to keep them mushy minded and fucked over, I don’t keep the focus 100% on ‘GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME’ … and I don’t have to. They are so enamored with me, so happy to be here with me, close to me, of service to me, that they eagerly send cash every chance they get without my even having to say so.
  8. I have created my own brand of Financial Domination, The Venus Sway, which I use to keep these boy brains nice and pliable. They are already so pliable aren’t they ladies, but with MY brainwash programming they become total POSH DRONES! Because they are SO brainwashed by MY branding they can’t help but to hear it repeat in their mind all day long… Venus Sway SAYS PAY and they become OBSESSED with OBEYING that command. CLICK and SPEND to END that ACHE! With my powerful mindfuck candy keeping these boys so addicted of course they are here to this day being CHAINED and DRAINED by ME! These little puppets took a hit and then that was it, they were trapped and strapped down by MY Venus Sway. It has infused into their souls, their blood, their brains, and they are changed. I showed them I am more than just the words Financial Domme, I am CREATOR, I am DESTROYER, I am THE VENUS SWAY and I do not ever come down from MY pedestal.
  9. I make sure MY slaves know that this isn’t about fitting into some standard stereotypical role for me. This is about ME being ME. That way only those that are truly drawn to the REAL ME are able to get in closer to me. I don’t put on some facade that will draw in the wrong kind of male. I make sure it is known what I expect and how I expect it right from the start. When men find me they instantly fall for me, or they don’t. But when they do they know they can come closer and they will only love what they find all the more. I secure only the men that will truly adore me this way. I keep my rates HIGH because I deserve to have only men that are willing to work to get in MY world around me. My slaves appreciate knowing they had to devote their slave wages to me just to be able to kneel at my feet and thank me for being the QUEEN that I am. They adore that I don’t put on fronts or pretend to be something I am not, that I talk about what I want to talk about when I want to talk about it and that I even let them be part of it is AMAZING. I don’t treat every moment as a ‘session’ but I do treat every moment with PASSION and my slaves will serve whatever PASSION I am focused on at that moment. I will not pretend to be into high heels, I am into flats. I do not like leather, I like soft material. I do like latex, it feels like suffocating. I do not like to be uncomfortable. You will pay for MY comfort, always.
  10. I am always well ahead of my pets. I study their behaviors without even trying, I learn their patterns, and I plan out their paths and then watch as they complete it. They are always amazed at the level of skill I display in their destruction. I seem so innocent at times, when we are just enjoying a normal conversation and then suddenly they will be struck with the urge to SURRENDER IT ALL and that’s because I hit a hot little trigger… a trigger I knew was there, because I planted it… I nurtured it… and I studied the slave, I found its weakness, and I honed in. Like a predator on its prey, and I never miss. I let them think they are running away and then they feel the tight squeeze of the collar as I yank the leash and pull them back to their place. I treat them like a yo-yo, always going up and down with their emotions, constantly teasing and taunting and keeping on edge. I bring some to almost the deepest point of subspace before yanking them back out and doing it all over again, constantly edging, constantly dripping. I fuck with them the way they need to be fucked with, and then I just sit back and enjoy the show. These little puppets are here to be played with, isn’t that what a puppet is… a toy.



You can see by this sample of Niteflirt reviews that I keep these boys coming back for more and more and more, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, I will drain each and every single one of them DRY! GODDESS POSH is your FINANCIAL DOMINATION SENSATION!


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10 Tips for Financial Domination Websites

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Top 10 Tips for Financial Domination Websites

I’m not going to pretend I’m the BEST at SEO, but I do have some experience with it and what you have to understand is it’s a learning process. I’m always adding more tidbits and tips to my own knowledge base of SEO by listening to the experts. The thing with sex work is that you apply the same SEO tips you find for other vanilla sites to your own site, just modify it to fit your objectives. But I don’t want to focus just on SEO tips, although many of the tips I’m going to share will also be wonderful for search engine optimization. They kind of go hand in hand!

By the way, writing a blog like this on your own site is great for SEO. It drives traffic to your site via google, and not just from newbies looking for tips, but for the keywords you include in your post …

So onto the list!



Decide what your main focus will be before you begin posting or you will end up with a site that has content all over the place. Create a list of the top 10 keywords you want to push for. Make a new blog post for each topic, and cycle through with new variations of the same keywords. Expand your keyword list over time. The best way to see what topics are going to drive the most traffic to you is by using ‘google suggest’. What you do is type in your keyword for example… ‘small penis humiliation’ and see what google suggests based on that, those are the sentences you’ll want to include in your blog posts because those are the terms that people are searching for! If you’re creating a site about findom, smh, femdom, fetish clips, etc you’ll want to stay away from posting unrelated topics. It won’t help you with conversions, and it won’t help you with google. Whatever your site is based around having original content that isn’t exactly the same as everyone else will really help you stand out. ALSO: build your brand and presence with your own key tagline and phrases. I use ‘financial lust’ ‘The Venus Sway’  “my luxury is your prerogative” and “money slavery to Goddess Posh is not the question, it is the answer” on my sites. Pretty much all the ladies and fellas who know me know those are my phrases.




Having a favicon.ico image is an amazing and simple way to give your brand a boost. A favicon is a 16×16 image that sites display on the browser tab, or next to the URL in the browser bar. They also can appear in the bookmark list. When you add your own unique favicon clients will see your site as being more professional & will be more likely to convert into a sale. A favicon will make your site stand out when there are multiple tabs open in a browser. Imagine yours was the only open tab among a group of them without a favicon, it wouldn’t stand out very much to a potential client. But if every time he looked at his browser & he saw your brand staring back at him, what choice would he have but to think about your brand and we all know thinking about it is the first step to indulging in it! The favicon can also show up on google next to your site, so that is another bonus for using it! (here’s my favicon  its a P with a swirl behind it). To add a favicon to your site you can use favicon.cc to upload a jpg or png file and then download the .ico file and upload that to your root directory, once you do that  you should be able to go to www.yourwebsiteurl.com/favicon.ico and see it!




Make sure your site is fully fleshed out and easy to navigate. Having a simple one page site is okay, as long as it has a blog or other really well done content. Truly though you want to add more and more content to keep readers coming back for more. Every time you add a new page to your site make sure the content is fresh and original from anything else you’ve posted. You don’t want to be redundant with page after page of the same exact words. Say your site is focused on financial domination, you could have a page for selling clips and another page for posting your best findom quotes and tweets! I use a quotes and FAQ page on my poshmessiah site and they drive the MOST traffic to me from google! If you post too much of the same thing it will actually harm your site, and keep you from moving up in google ranks.





Do not overuse your keywords or it will begin to look like spam &  like you’re pushing too hard. It should be natural and read like you’re having a conversation. When you’re talking to your subs, friends, or other Dommes you don’t say the words Financial Domination in every sentence even if that’s the topic you’re focused on. Keep that in mind when writing! Having too much of the same word will make your site feel more like a commercial ad, and less personal to the readers. Make sure when you do use a keyword it’s actually relevant to what you’re writing about. If you just throw keywords out there to try to get traffic that can work against you too. People will click on your site, not see any useful information, and will click away which will definitely hinder your CLIMBING UP THE RANKS progress! You know those images you’re so generously uploading to your blog(thank us with CASH boys), you should add keywords to those as well so whenever there is an image search for say financial domination your photos may just pop up! You can add keywords to it in the title portion of the photo description. When you title your site and give it a description think about what keywords you want to use, but keep in mind just listing the keywords won’t be as interesting. When you look at an open tab you’ll see a title of the site and then usually a description or the tagline. This is a good place for a couple of keywords as well. Here is an open tab with my title and tag from PoshMessiah as an example. 





Keep regular updates on your blog to keep your position from slipping on google and to keep your readership up. When you only post once every 6 months you’re not giving a reason for anyone to visit your site. Yes a lot of ladies have dropped blogging in favor of clip producing but I think the blog still has plenty of use to it. When I post new blogs I am able to keep track of who reads it, what kind of response I get from it, and see direct conversion from boys clicking on my clips and buying. I’ll know which boys have read my blog and not bought the new content, and I’ll know which boys have. The more I post the more boys come back and get lost in my site. I will see them read one blog after the other and it almost always ends up in a sale of some kind for me, if not a tribute.





Make sure your site is secure! If you use wordpress you can find many plugins that offer security services, some are free and others you pay for. These services will prevent hackers from getting in through plugins and taking over your site! I’ve had it happen to me before because of an outdated plugin. These security holes do exist and they can and will be breached. You need something in place like Wordfence Security(for wordpress) to help you. It also keeps track of your visitors so you can get yet another view of activity on your site. Having a secure site is also something that makes your readers more comfortable. They want to be able to go on your webpage without having to worry about a hacker somehow getting access to them. Wordfence is nice because you can run a scan any time or just have it set to a timer to run automatically and if you have any issues with your site it will definitely let you know. This is what you will see when you log in after a scan has been completed, currently I have no site issues but if I did it would be listed which makes it so much easier to keep things secure! 





Design your site to fit you! It should be a reflection of your personality, domination style, and evoke a response from the viewer such. If you’re not good at graphics and have little money to hire someone for help you can find many free themes for wordpress. In the meantime you can work on your graphic skills so you can update your sites look in time, or you can save up a little cash and hire a Graphic Artist to help you. Between fiverr.com and the many Dommes that offer graphic design services you shouldn’t have any trouble. Its okay to look at other ladies for inspiration and to get an idea of what is possible, but that is NOT the same as copying or trying to be like someone else! Make it all yours, put YOUR spin on it! It’s also important to keep your look consistent through out your entire website. Some people might get confused if they click on a page in your site only to see a totally different design, and by some people we all know I am referring to the dumb males!




If you have youtube videos you can post them directly on your site.  You should make some youtube videos with a link to your site and then embed those same videos right on your webpage. Add your twitter feed as well. Any social media you are involved with should be added to your website. Either in a sidebar or on their own page. You want visitors that find you from google or click on your link from twitter to be able to subscribe to all of your social media. Social media is a great way to fill in your website with more content and keep a circle of your brand going. Every time they click on one thing they will be able to circle back around to another. Also add all your links to the sites you sell clips on, your amazon, and any other profiles you have so they are all in one convenient place.




If you take phone calls embed your call now button on your site, whether its from niteflirt, adultwork or wherever. Embed tribute buttons, and clips you’re selling directly on your site. Make your CALL TO ACTION buttons obvious and central to your site. CALL TO ACTION means you are compelling the viewer to not just look at your femdom site, but to interact with it by clicking and spending. You are calling the viewer into action, making them want to go from thinking into doing. Have your buttons displayed right at top, to the side, in the center and at the bottom so wherever they scroll they will see a call to action prodding them. If you are a ProDomme this works for sessions as well. Make sure you have clear terms laid out, like ‘click this button to call me now for $3.99 a minute’ so their mind is already set in buy mode. Using the terms PURCHASE NOW BUY NOW ETC is a psychological tool that sets the viewer up by guiding their train of thought into BUY BUY BUY … they are then prepared already to take out their credit card and start spending. RIGHT BOYS. Here is an example of my call to action buttons! I make it clear they are here to BUY and SPEND.






Reach out and connect with other Dommes. Networking is good for everyone. We have to see past our personal taste and feelings and see the bigger picture. When we include each other by sharing links back and forth we are creating a wider net for boys to fall into. Imagine you have a click to your site but he just isn’t into your style so he clicks back and that’s it. Game over. Now imagine another Domme and you are linked to each other, and he clicks on her site instead. Over on her site the same thing may be happening, and soon you both are swapping traffic back and forth. Now you made a sale on your site from traffic she sent you, and vice versa. Instead of seeing this as a bad thing it is actually a great thing. Soon you and your network of Domme friends will be cross sharing ALL the traffic, versus each fighting for it individually on google. This brings you ALL up on google, and that means you ALL get even MORE traffic.



I’d love any Dommes that have additional tips to leave a comment and link to your site as well. It will also benefit you as your site URL and name will then be associated with this Financial Domination post!

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Top 10 Ways to Become My Best Sub Boy

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Top 10 Moves a SUB BOY needs to MAKE to Become MY BEST most TREASURED toy!

Its not like I’ll be making it easy for you to get to the top. I’ve had boys fighting for that position for a long time, but its fun watching you all competing to be the one that pleases me the MOST!

What weak submissive boy wouldn’t love to kneel for such SUPERIOR BEAUTY and know he is the TOP BITCH, the one that is always there to OBEY, SERVE and PAY me the most! What helpless weakling wouldn’t cherish that feeling, the feeling of being a special pet to the one and only almighty GODDESS POSH…

All submissive boys will kneel and STRIVE and WORK to become the best slave for me they can be.

SO lets speed the process up here slave, all you have to do is follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the number one money slave of Goddess Posh.

  1. Compete with yourself more than with other boys!

It is a mistake to believe you ought to take it easy on sending tributes because I have other boys to serve me as well. It’s not their job to make YOUR LIFE EASIER, its YOUR JOB to make MY life easier! Does Bill Gates stop selling computers to EVERYBODY because so many people already bought some? Does he sit and say well you know I think I’ll give this city over here all the computers for free since this city over here snatched them up like wild fire… NO NO NO ! Because he is an INTELLIGENT BUSINESS MAN! Your logic that another man is sending me cash so you don’t have to is asinine but not to worry I am here to GUIDE you onto the right path. The path to complete and utter submission for Goddess Posh.

The other thing is you also begin to feel inadequate compared to other puppets at times and that is selfish. This isn’t about YOU. Your goal should be to outdo whatever you have done in the past, not to compare to other boys. If you have sent me $2,000 in one month your goal should be to increase that for me the next month! Really find a way to bring in MORE to me, prove to ME and to yourself that you can work hard and find a way. Prove to me I am worth the effort and sacrifice.

2. STOP Feeling SORRY for yourself! Its gross!!!

Some of you boys get into little pity parties of doom whenever you hit a low in cash, or after an intense wallet rape session. Look I understand about after care and how important it is for a sub boy, but there are LIMITS. I do not want to hear any whining or bitching because you can’t serve. That’s your fault for not finding more cash! Besides I am giving YOU a gift by allowing you to live for and give to ME. I am giving you a gift by allowing you to find deeper purpose in my pleasure.  Giving is something that will bless you 100 times over. When you give to me you are giving to your own future a dose of GOOD KARMA !!! When you give to me you are ensuring your future at MY feet.



Now that you’ve found your way to MY world you are going to find that your own life has become transformed. I have become your entire WORLD in fact. I have become your favorite pastime, your most precious obsession, keeping your pleasure center tingling all the time. This means you’re going to make ME the top priority. I’ll know I am your top priority by your actions. I’ll know that I am the most important thing to you by the fact that every day you will be at my feet asking what can you do to serve me today! I will see you giving up things you once used to pass the time in order to spend MORE time on me!




With MY financial lust as your motivation you are undoubtedly going to hand over as much of your slave wages as you can. But this is just a reminder so you don’t let your little boy brain get off track… you MUST sacrifice for me MORE than what you have planned to sacrifice. You are not the one in charge here, not the one in control, not the one with the power. I hold all those things in my hands along with your wallet. I will dig into it and take what I please and expect a big fat THANK YOU from you! That savings account you have sitting there, its MINE just waiting for me to dip my pretty little claws into it. Everything you have will be accessible to me. I will have no questions about where your slave wages are going. I will be in full control and will be able to see just how much you truly are sacrificing for me. With the passwords to your accounts in my hands I’ll be able to monitor your spending with ease, so I’ll know if you’ve been holding back on me. Your sacrifice will be equivalent to your wealth. I don’t expect you to get me my own personal jet if you aren’t a multi-millionaire!


5. Always go the EXTRA Mile for ME!

With my happiness in mind every decision you make is easier. Just make the one that will please ME… right… so easy, so simple. I make serving me easy for you by giving you all these tips and tricks and showing you how to be the best puppet you can be. So you’re going to always go the extra mile for ME. When I’ve been shopping and let you know I spent $225 you would gladly send me $250 or even $300 in return! If I say purchase a gift for me from my wishlist you’ll happily do so and add another gift as well, to thank me for showing you how to please me. When I say CLICK you nod your head up and down and then you CLICK CLICK CLICK multiple times. Giving me extra MONEY makes me EXTRA happy, besides it is all mine anyway.



Its so thrilling to know your credit card is in my hands and that at any moment I could be out using it, pleasuring MYSELF at your expense. When you log into your credit card account and see the transactions you feel the collar tighten around your neck, you feel the pull of my leash, and you feel the tightness in your throat as you fill with desire. It never felt SO GOOD to look at your credit card account before POSHY! I love being able to open my purse and pull out a slave boys credit card to use on myself whenever I please. I feel such a rush of power over the little slave, knowing he is toiling away at work to fund my shopping trips.


I have zero tolerance for argumentative or challenging boys. It bores me. If I wanted to be challenged all the time by a MAN I would have chosen to become a slave girl but instead I enslave MEN … and that is the only way I will accept you. Either silently sending my cash, or kneeling when you speak and when you speak it is not to challenge or argue with me or to even talk about yourself. It is to submit to me, to serve me, to worship me, to praise me, to love me, and never forgetting your place. Every command I give has a purpose, and sometimes it is even a test. You never know when I am giving you a test…

The best way to ensure you pass all my tests is to simply obey every single thing I say. Kneel to MY word as LAW.


8. SUPPORT Everything I DO with OBSESSION

Religiously follow everything I do. Follow my twitter, subscribe to my Venus Sway members site, buy all of my clips and photosets, and immerse yourself entirely in the world of Posh. Follow me wherever I go, like a good little pup. When I join a site and tell you to join it too, you do so immediately. When I find a new business I want to venture into, you contribute in every way possible. You invest in MY brand and MY business just as much as I do as you want nothing more than for me to reach the peek of success that I deserve. Wherever I go I know I’ll see all my little puppets follow. Like My Venus Sway members site, which has 50 FINDOM MINDUCK HYPNO VIDEOS all valued at $50+ each already uploaded to it!

9. Learn what I LOVE and Give Me SPECIAL SURPRISES!!!

Find out what makes me the happiest. I don’t share my most favorite things with just everyone though. Those that want to get in will find a way in with their hard work and persistence and will slowly unravel all my beautiful layers. As you learn more and more about me, make a notebook in  your mind of my special interests and surprise me whenever you can! Send me special gifts that would mean a lot to me, and show me you have paid attention. Show me you are absorbing everything about me, and not just seeing me as a fantasy Goddess to feed your submissive beast. See me as MORE than just a fetish GODDESS with curves, beautiful eyes and an incredible ability to mindfuck you … but as a WHOLE person that is multifaceted.




I’m really averse to your penis. It doesn’t do anything for me, but it is MY slave lever which I use to control your slave wages with… sometimes. It’s not often I bring up the male genitals because they again are useless to me. Our connection is beyond the dick, we both get that. So boys that are focused on their dicks are often not even able to get a foot in the door of MY world. Different boys I give different limits to, some I allow to have sex with their wives, others I keep in full time chastity. I do not want you focused on your cock or it’s pleasure. I want you focused on MY pleasure, to learn that what you have with me is beyond the flesh. That you can transcend to a whole new level of submission just by being my obedient puppet, without ever having to touch yourself even once! The intimacy you seek will be much easier to find when you have your mind and eyes focused on ME… looking at me, absorbing my will, nodding up and down, obeying my commands, that is intimacy, that is being close to me. Touching yourself while you talk to me feels degrading to me, because it feels like you are seeing me as an object for your sexual release and I do not want that from you. I want MORE than that from you and you want and need more than that from ME.


So boys you have a clear list here of what you can do to become MY best money slave which means you will not be able to make any excuses now. There is no option or room for failure, all you have left to do is nod your head up and down and follow along. Follow the Venus Sway into POSHTOPIA and become drunk on my financial lust as it runs over and fills your mind and body with MY desires…


Go Use My NEW Payment Processor!!!! You can even use PAYPAL to purchase MY mindfuck clips too!



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So not surprisingly I discovered Fri/Sat favorite tweet blogs won’t be happening because I am always busy on those nights *obviously*… Sundays seem like the BEST day for posting my favorite tweets of the weeks from all those lovely financial domination femdom experts I follow.

First off I have been wanting to do something like this but really couldn’t conceptualize it in my mind. GOD-A$$ Jennifer doing her slave ranking and sharing them on twitter has really helped me hone in on what I want to do even more. So thank you Jennifer, and also, I have been enjoying watching her updates! I love seeing the race between her boys, and seeing how often she gets to update it and add new names. God-A$$ Jennifer is known as one of the most creative and FUN financial dommes! RATEDP.NET

So what do you think, slaves, wouldn’t it be fun if I ranked you on my Venus Sway website? mmmm hmmmm you know better than to THINK!

This is the only political tweet I’ll be sharing because I want to keep the focus off of that mess, but I can’t resist sharing Goddess Kara’s hilarious reaction to the Trump presidency.

There is also THIS from Goddess Kara… too bad it’s not trumps chastity key! FollowtheCupcake.com

CREATIVE, SEXY & INGENIOUS!!! I’m definitely gravitating towards the witty, this week. I love PRINCESS FIERCE & btw have you had her FIERCE COLA! http://www.iwantprincessfierce.com

Madam Poison is effortlessly in control. I adore the way she takes over without even trying, and she is very seductive in her manipulations. I feel a great alignment with the way she handles her boys! GC to: poisonmadam@yahoo.co.uk

I love the attitude of Haven The Great, she’s really bold & full of energy & life! I just love how she never holds back. This tweet though, YES, is SO true! OK we aren’t going to be happy when men are yammering away in OUR space without contributing CASH and plenty of it, so boys start digging in those wallets. http://www.iWANTGODDESSHAVEN.com

I follow Queen Black Mamba and all of her tweets blow me away. She is absolutely STUNNING & a true professional of Domination. Her clips cover a vast array of fetishes, all focused on Female Domination of course. My boys are very loyal, just like dogs… hailblackmamba.com

Brat Mindy is one of a kind with an entire empire built around HER! This video is all any boy needs to understand how to be a USEFUL BOY for his DOMME (whether its Mindy, MYSELF, or SOMEONE ELSE duhhhh) MaleSlaveClub.com

This is an AMAZING tribute to wake up to! Housewife Swag has a lot of great content & tweets, but this is obviously the BEST one haha someone made her VERY happy! officialhws.com

Miss Tierra has been a well established Domme for MANY years now, any advice she gives out for new financial dommes & femdom clip producers needs to be taken SERIOUSLY because she knows what she is talking about. www.iWantGoddessTierra.com

I posted a couple of polls on twitter this week as well, so if you haven’t yet seen the results here they are!

I’ve confirmed that most of us would prefer to not be approached by any of our subs/buyers/slaves if happened to run into in public, but there are exceptions. I think the best thing for any boy to do though would be to err on the side of caution. See if we are with friends, family, our partners, etc before just running up excitedly, to kneel! And make sure if you approach you have a tribute READY!

Looks like it’s been confirmed that we are all fine with retweeting each other. After a few subtweets and hints that it was wrong to retweet other ladies content (because you’re riding coattails) I decided to do a poll and see for sure. I’m pretty happy to see that most women don’t feel that way about it, and in fact appreciate it!

And lastly I did ask what I should charge my poshyfool to own a half smoked joint with MY pink lipstick on it, and the answer is a RESOUNDING $1k but I think MOST actually wanted me to go higher! YES the MORE money, the BETTER.

Boys that aren’t yet subscribed to My Venus Sway programming NOW is the time! I’ve just released a cover of the Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah and my slaves are EATING it up! I’ve even included a small snippet of it on this blog, so you boys can become HOOKED on my totally innocent but totally effective BRAINWASHING METHOD!


This is where you need to BE to be CLOSE to ME to be MY good PAY SLAVE puppy!

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Halloween is here! I’ve been busy preparing my own festivities even though Halloween really isn’t my most favorite holiday. I know, shocker right, omg a Domme that doesn’t worship all things dark and black ha. But, I do LIKE HALLOWEEN a LOT so I definitely made sure to indulge my friends and family this year on YOUR DIME & am throwing a LAVISH party for them! That party is tonight so boys make sure to send your contributions in today, I have some last minute shopping to do.

So this week I’m posting my top 10 favorite HALLOWEEN/COSTUME tweets of those I’m following, which is mostly all FEMDOM FINDOM women.

I happened to see this retweeted on my timeline & enjoyed the wit & humiliation displayed here.

I always smile or laugh at some point when reading Mz Devious’s twitter timeline!

Ms Construed is great with words & with her claws & I don’t doubt for a second you boys have much to fear from HER.

OMG Princess Rene made a hilarious clip for all the humiliation junkies to enjoy this Halloween. Definitely ORIGINAL!

Wow Gorgeous!

Yes I still love all the old Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus all that… this reminded me of a movie I haven’t seen in ages!

What a fabulous costume & Halloween idea… love her incorporating it as a session.

Awww I love Daisy Duck too!

You look gorgeous and like you’re having FUN!

Some Lovely HALLOWEEN music to end the post! Thanks for sharing Maya Sinstress I love this song & had no idea who sang it or anything!

Happy Halloween & remember BOYS your job is to give US OUR TREATS and if we still decide to give you tricks you kiss our asses & thank us! My boys, I’ll be greening up for my HALLOWEEN treats so you’ll be sending ME cash & buying it for me. Such good obedient boys!

PS. I’ll be posting the full color set this black & white photo is taken from on www.thevenussway.com tomorrow!

Financial Domination Mask Costume Goddess Posh

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I had a Halloween party to attend last night so I didn’t have a chance to post my TOP 10 MOST LOVED TWEETS of the WEEK until today! I dressed as a Dark Angel by the way & had a great time but now I’m ready to show off what you lovely ladies have been saying this week.

financial domination goddess posh black angel

www.thevenussway.com where your mind will become exposed to my venus sway brainwash programming that turns you into the best financial slave ever


Oh & ladies, I recommend OnlyFans.com for uploading your personal content, videos, photos, anything you want! I have been really enjoying it & benefiting financially more and more each month that passes. It really is a great way to corral your followers!





I just love these tweets because they exemplify what is so great about our FEMDOM world! Here women are always in command, you boys are nothing but pawns for our pleasure! You WOMEN are DIVINE DOMINANT LEADERS and will keep these herd of MANSHEEP from becoming too spoiled, and too entitled, with your strong will! I love seeing us all training these boys how they ought to be, showing them the true meaning of being a slave to a Domme. In our world the men pay and do not get their way!



Mmmm hmmm that’s right, men are here to provide US pleasure, and they can thank us for keeping their sloave cocks all locked up in cages as they should be.

One of the best things about our world is that we rarely have to endure the idiocy of men, as we keep them chained and in line! But, when they do come around, we have no problem setting them straight and @SheControls is always brilliant with her wit and words.

In what other world can you find the women denying the men everything they want, even something as seemingly innocent as praise… we have all the power, & these boys need to truly work to serve our desires!

I love the women of this scene, for being so strong & so bold! WE don’t take crap from men anytime, anywhere. Men think they can treat us like meat but not in the Femdom society, where men kneel & beg to even look at us!

Whether a woman knows it or not she possesses a power over man that can destroy him instantly! In your beauty and in your intelligence you are more powerful than any man could ever hope to be. They are helpless to our whims.

I love this because it shows off just how much pleasure a woman can experience being in the Dominant role! Boys can only do one thing when they are leashed, and that’s OBEY! Provide, serve, and surrender to the SUPERIOR FEMININE!

We WOMEN do not care to CATER TO penis at all! WE do not care to cater to your fetish. WE are SUPERIOR creatures here to be served, kneeled to, and worshiped with cash. Why would we allow any of you lowly males to dictate what we do with OUR time? Why would we allow you to take control and decide how things are going to be? NOPE! Not going to happen, boys.

THIS is FUNNY & another reason why the #FEMDOM world is so fantastic- men do whatever we want them to do, even if it’s public humiliation.

Nothing feels the same as objectifying men and turning them into walking wallets does. That is the ultimate rush & I LOVE seeing other ladies experiencing it! I feel we really feed off each others energy & create an even stronger magnetization for MONEY!!!

And of course this tweet deserves to make the list because Annabelle Fatale has created a blog that so many women can learn from & use those skills to become EVEN GREATER at dominating and controlling the male species while making bank off of it!

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The Top 10 Most Loved (BY ME) #Findom #Femdom tweets of the week !!! These ladies are the reason I use twitter at all. I enjoy interacting with my own slaves on a more personal level so other than some promotion of my mindfuck art, & financial enslavement to me, I use it for socializing! Seeing other ladies laying down their femdom law on you boys is a treat in itself. It is unequivocally true that women are superior to men in every single way, including with our BRAINS. WE are much brighter, much more aware, much more awake to the world around us. That’s because men are hindered by their biological need to procreate, their unwavering obsession with getting their dicks off keeps them from evolving to the same level we women are at. With our ability to use the language of emotion we are naturally capable of enslaving the inferior male, who while can feel emotion can not understand or process it at the same level we can!

These tweets all show off the superiority of women or ways the inferior male can serve we superiors!

All of the slave Rules by Ms. Construed are amazing & her content is unique and interesting.

Cry bitches, cry! Flawless Melissa is witty & sarcastic but she’s so right, you boys need to release the stress of being such an inferior bitch with the tears of financial pain.

Suffer for our Financial Lust! Lorraine Cocoa doesn’t want little bitch tributes, and neither do I! Send until you have nothing left, are deep in debt, and are suffering physical effects of your financial service!

Ignoretrix is wise in the ways of draining men dry … why would we feel bad when we have your money sitting pretty in our hands? Broke because of MY financial lust? Then you did your job serving your SUPERIOR!

you crave to pay Brat Mindy and other Financial Dommes but you’re just too damn broke, it must suck to be you but we don’t feel bad for you! How much more inferior can you get!

The iconic Princess Sierra has spoken! The inferior species do not deserve to be in pleasure all day long, dicks dripping from grazing on the images of their beautiful superiors!

Its sad that this actually has to be explained but who better than Princess Fierce to set you boys straight. Clip buying is not serving, it is not selfless, and it doesn’t make you a GOOD BOY! It certainly helps you inferiors in your training though.

WE ladies can’t miss the chance to admire and adore each others beauty and hey why not take out or giddy excitement on a pair of nasty balls…superiors may adore each others beauty, while inferiors suffer for it!

This is so true! Remember this boys when you are clicking all your hard earned money over! It makes our lives even more enjoyable and as an inferior boy you need to contribute to your superiors pleasure!

SO SO true! Logging into their bank account is a high all on it’s own but then when you see for yourself that their entire income is being used for yourself & their bills only it is MIND BLOWING YUMMINESS! This is the ultimate way the submissive inferior will serve his Goddess – with ALL of his hard earned cash1

Thanks for keeping twitter #Findom #Femdom classy, smart, DOMINANT & fun ladies ! boys, remember we don’t have to display our superior wisdom on twitter for you to digest, so you will show your appreciation with your WALLET before you use your words.

Goddess Posh

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Originally I was going to focus on the #mindfuck hashtag but, I fell in love with so many tweets that weren’t technically in the ‘mindfuck’ theme so I had to follow my LOVESTRUCK heart and share all of these fabulous tweets.


This week has been crazy on twitter between the MTV True Life Findom episode, and the ‘how to findom’ book which apparently included racist views! I haven’t read the book myself, only seen the excerpt and the twitter exchanges, and I have to say I was shocked someone so blatantly wrote something like that! I mean seriously, GHETTO and the N WORD, to describe a type of ‘findom not to be’ … hmmmm so of course findom twitter was once again blowing up!


To keep things on the positive I want to share the 10 tweets I loved the MOST from other FemDom FinDom ladies! So many women are now embracing their power (and thats never a bad thing) that the world of financial domination and female domination has exploded with thousands and thousands of Dommes. I like to just highlight those who stand out the most to me. Enjoy!

One of my favorite tweets this week because it’s SO true! These boys act like it’s such a burden to pay for their fetishes, but they are forgetting how privileged they are to even BE HERE in the first place!

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Booking a flight out of the hurricane zone JUST LIKE THAT on his dime… that is power!

Miss Krystal, this is spot on. It really does mean something different to all of us, but there are certain elements we all can agree on – such as that it involves Domination and FINANCES!

YES I love when my boys tribute without my having to tell them!

Mixtrix has pointed out exactly why I only accept financial slaves, I’m not interested in being used for a consumer/buyers pleasure.

My only problem with this is the cash masters would like it too much! but then again they would probably become cash slaves after she has her way!

Draining boys dry just feels so good!

I love that I am an expensive luxury for my slaves! Don’t sell yourself short, ladies. These men already expect it of you, so we need to show them they will PAY because they are not entitled!

Women are powerful no matter how they choose to dress (or undress), and there have been many Financial Dommes that have controlled their slaves without clothes on!

I have to include @WhoresofYore … this is Myself reading a book with my beautiful friend @Dominairess

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I am the QUEEN of HEARTS on twitter as I am constantly pushing that little heart button and loving on everybody’s tweets. Okay not literally EVERYONE but any time a tweet inspires a reaction from me I push that thing. Tweets have the power to make a person laugh, smile, cringe, gasp, think, question, learn, & so much more! Whenever a tweet inspires a true reaction in me I click that love button. Now good boys know they can click the love button on my tweets all day long, but it’s not enough! You need to also click on the RETWEET button and preach the WORD OF POSH!


In honor of my love for all of your tweets, ladies, I have compiled a list of my TEN MOST LOVED FINANCIAL DOMINATION TWEETS THIS WEEK!

Next Week Friday will be the MY TEN MOST LOVED MINDFUCK TWEETS!


Goddess Granny- if you are not following this account you ought to be! She is hilarious.


OF COURSE I am going to favorite this tweet!

Oh Mindy!

Two for ONE !!! Both lovely and intelligent ladies!

Goddess Jennifer always keeps the boys dripping cash!

Beautiful Financial Domination in action!

Queen Makeda is wise beyond her years !

She Controls is always such a stunner, with her words & her beauty.

YES Madam Poison you are SO RIGHT, freeloaders are SCUM.

Queen Amber Mae is absolutely amazing & she is RIGHT! You boys shouldn’t have anything left over at all!

Trust me there are so many more tweets I would love to share! But I am sticking with 10 or I’d never stop!



Because I know MY personal slaves need a little dose of Posh to keep them going I am also including my own Top 10 tweets of the week!


I HAVE to post this because I am so mad they took down my favorite twitter account!

I set my own standards and make my own rules!


I love profiting off of male weakness!

I call it like I see it!

Triggering my long time slave into clicking is just so easy!

Looking for MY lovely photos? Subscribe to MY Venus Sway www.thevenussway.com

You’re welcome here, as long as you meet MY standards… work for it, bitch!

I’m not obsessed with @BratMindy I swear!

EGO? EW! No thanks!


My favorite tweet not related to Financial Domination or Female Domination but oh it could be!

And there ends the tweets of the week post !

If you’re not on twitter get your butt on it, and if you’re not subscribed to MY VENUS SWAY you’re the only one losing. My Brainwash Programming is very unique and very effective, giving your boy brain the make over it needs.

Goddess Posh

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