10 Tips for Making Money on OnlyFans as a Domme

Posted by goddessposh on Saturday May 27, 2017 Under Advice for Dommes, OnlyFans, TIPS, Top 10

OnlyFans, and sites like it, can be used to keep your content from being accessed by non-paying lurkers. Just because someone wants you, & the content you make, doesn’t mean they should have access without having to PAY. Make those boys pay to follow you, and capitalize off of your brand and their obsessions! These boys are always ready for more, so don’t just let them have it, make them work for it and earn it with their wallets. They get spoiled when its too easy and forget to appreciate. Here are some tips for making money on OnlyFans, any Domme, cam girl, pro-domme, findom, sex worker etc can use! Apply them as you see fit, personalize them to your own style and brand, and get busy promoting and marketing!

10 Tips to Make Money on OnlyFans:

1. Fans, slaves, puppets and pets, hell all of them, LOVE to get close to their favorite Domme/Goddess. Of course we are too smart to just let all the broke perverts on twitter have full access and member sites are great but not as personal, so using OF is the perfect way to constantly update your loyal & PAYING fans! On OF you can use the timeline to upload daily updates about your life that are a bit more personal, your day to day details. Your fans will LOVE it! They love knowing how you are spending your day, what you are doing with the money they’ve sent, what you do while they are working hard all day long. Use the timeline to post your receipts from your shopping trips & require a TIP in return! Share little updates through out the day to help them keep you in mind and their cash in your hands.

2. If you love using cam the periscope live feature will be perfect for you and your subscribers can tip while watching. The live sessions record and save to your profile so anyone who misses it will be able to watch and tip later. You can turn on periscope and show off whatever you want, a shopping trip, meals out with friends, a real time session! It can also be a quick way to get on and update your subscribers to save you time in place of a photo set, blog post, clip etc. Announce on twitter at least a day or few hours before you are going to be live on cam, and post your sign up link! New boys may find that very tempting.

3.If you aren’t already on OF you can sign up through my link & you will be added to The Venus Sway OnlyFans Network, which is a promo page for all the ladies that I earn 5% from. The promoted ladies will have their photo, short description, and link to their OF page featured at the top of the page and on a sidebar. Below the main portion, I will post links to other ladies on OF that didn’t sign up through me, in exchange for My link on their page. So you really want to sign up through me so you can get your photo & description right at the top!

4. Behind the scenes and preview content will be a great way to flesh out your OF content and give your subscribers a way to feel closer to you & thus, more motivated to SPEND. Photos of you doing your make-up before a shoot, trying on different clothes, you in front of the lights and camera… this builds anticipation and excitement. Excited boys love to push the tip button.

5. Your subscribers will love having exclusive content not available anywhere else! This is going to keep them hooked from month to month, waiting to see what other special and PRIVATE piece of YOU they can get!  Bloopers are also a fun way to add exclusive content to your OF profile. Also, run a poll on the site and find out what kind of exclusive content your subscribers would tip the most for!   You can make it personal to the subscribers as well, using their names and weaknesses as you see fit. Which goes into the next point of using the Pay2View messaging!

6. In the Pay2View messaging you can attach photos and clips, and charge a price. They have to pay to open the message and get the content inside. This is a perfect place to send more personalized content designed with the viewers triggers in mind, or you can mass mail to all of your followers! The pay2view messaging is done directly in the chat window, so you don’t have to go back and forth between different screens to create it! That makes it so much faster and seamless to get your content into their hands & heads!

7. You can create more than one OF account, using them to each focus on a theme. I use one for my brainwash, financial domination & Goddess Worship content (the venus sway) & the other for more fetish and kinky content like CBT, strap-on, sissification etc. (venus sway unchained) You can make your themes whatever fits your brand the best. If you create another OF account sign up under yourself, because then you’ll get your own referral and get that 5% back!

8. Create your own OF Network page! This is a great way to get noticed on google (have you submitted your website to google? if not go to google and do that now!) because you and the ladies that are with you will be creating a stronger presence as a united front. It doesn’t look like OF is doing much promotion for the Sex Worker/Domme/Cam Girl/etc that use their site, so you will have to promote yourself. The more you promote it, the more subs, slaves, pets, money slaves, fans etc have a chance to find it and learn about it. With a Network Page set up of your own you can attract other ladies to join. We will all be linking to and from each other!

9. Your subscribers will still want to buy copies of your clips because you can only stream on OF, and not download.  Most fans will want to have some or all of your content in their private collection. Offer exclusive codes to your OF subscribers, codes for either discounts or mark-ups! Make them pay more for their own personal copy, I mean its your choice! I like making them pay more, always, for everything!

10. Use your brand to come up with a URL and attach your referral link to it. You get your referral link under the ‘referrals’ tab. It is not the same as your profile link. When you brand your OF with your name, instead of it showing up with ‘OnlyFans’, you are promoting YOURSELF & many people will click on your link. This means you’ll get a lot of referrals from other Dommes, but will also be able to see which boys have clicked but not subscribed, yet. They will.


General Info:

The more you update the more they check back and want to tip, but if they are slacking on tips you need to set them straight! These boys get too relaxed at times and need a reminder.


There are some words against TOS, but I haven’t found a list yet. I know for sure CBT, Squirting & Rape are banned. They won’t let you post with those words, it comes up ‘restricted word: rape’ etc. so you don’t have to worry, if you use one you’ll know!


The payout is fairly quick. I receive cash earned on Monday by Weds/Thursday sometimes. Other times it will take a few days and then all arrive at once.


There are no categories, yet. OF has been great about updating the site often, adding new features all the time. They lack at updating users about those new features but I think they will get better with that too. They do have good customer service, but twitter DM and @’s get faster response than using their online form. And there are apps for both the ios and android, so you can go ahead and run a live periscope while out on the road, update while gone etc


If it matters to you there was some drama behind the creation of OF, allegedly it was an idea stolen from another Domme who had created the site F+. I don’t know any facts, this is all hearsay. So if you are concerned about that you will have to do your own digging.


Goddess Posh

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Yours words are so true Goddess Posh, I am sure many of women thanks you for all these informations, I am just a puppet and can’t talk with her, I just can say to her I am a Goddess Posh addicted puppet slave from last seven years . One of of her genuine and loyal slave, and it is not an “accident” it is a true devotion going always deeper and deeper !