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Wanting to SERVE ME is not anything new! Many men have come to me kneeling, begging to be of use. Some have been accepted into my world, allowed to bring me pleasure and service my financial lust, while others have simply failed to meet my standards. This information is definitely going to help you to earn your own special place in MY stable of love struck money slaves.





Also just a little tidbit about me but I LOVE to see how high I can make you jump. I will push and pull you in so many ways just for the sheer fact that I can, so you will come into this knowing that you are nothing but a ball of clay for me to play with. 


With that being said here are the TOP 10 MUST KNOW FACTS about SERVING ME: 

1.When you first approach me you may mistakenly have your own fetish, desires, or wants on the line as your offering point. An example would be, “I want you to post my pictures online to humiliate me for money.’ Erase that from your mind right now. You need to approach me knowing I am a Goddess, not a Domme Performer. I live a lifestyle where I am superior and worshiped, not inferior and paid to make you happy. This reformation in your thinking will only help you to become a BETTER slave for me! Instead you will approach from a humble kneeling position, with a tribute already sent as an amazon gift card to or as a tribute on NITEFLIRT! Only after you have earned it will you be allowed to send cash via snail mail, or paypal.



2. Once I have a tribute I’ll establish what sort of use I want you for. Do I intend to keep you as a long term slave, a recurrent slave, a drive by spender, or a one time binger… this is where you and I will find our yin and yang. We will discover what balance is best between us, I will push and pull in many different directions, and like a good ball of clay you will helplessly comply. After I discover which shape I like you best in I will give you further direction. This is MY world you have crawled into, make your usefulness known or I will toss you aside. Let it be known that you are a SLUT if you are a SLUT and I will use you appropriately. Believe me when I say that no matter what mode of financial domination I decide to use on you, it will be to MY best benefit.


3. Know that I love CASH the MOST! Gift cards are wonderful as well. Gifts I love to designate to my owned boys, or I like to be surprised by drive by boys. But I don’t like when you have never sent a tribute, and you approach and ask if you can be MY money slave and then ask to send a GIFT!  NO WAY! Gifting is reserved for those who earn it, or those who are not wasting my time (the silent buyer). Not someone that is just trying to get into the WORLD of POSH! Show me the MONEY and then I’ll think about allowing you to gift me too.


4. I have little patience when it comes to waiting for my money or gifts to arrive, for you to obey orders or get acts done for me because I shouldn’t have to wait for any of it! But, when it comes to the long term effect of MY brainwash programming I am very patient, I know that you will not be able to escape the changes that my programming are causing to happen. It may take years, or even just days, depending on the boy… but I know that it can not be avoided. Two points you can learn here: 1. I won’t accept waiting to be obeyed, or for my money, so always be QUICK and 2. your mind will experience changes!


5. I have no limit on how much I want! I will not settle for your financial limits either, as that would mean you are in control and the fact is you are NOT in control AT ALL. The fact is you are totally out of control, and this means I choose when it is ENOUGH! I choose when I have had my fill of you. Because MY financial lust will be quenched and if that means you have to suffer, I will be even happier for it! I believe in males sacrificing for me. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. So it might hurt you to give me what I want, but giving me what I want fills me with BLISS and MY BLISS is your ticket to redemption!


6. I use my own version of brainwashing, called The Venus Sway, to keep you boys ensnared with ME FOR LIFE! I have lured many of you to your emotional, financial and mental doom over the years, and despite seeing one boy after the other go down for me, you all keep coming. Because I have a magic appeal, and there is no stopping this. As a follower of mine, and one who wishes to serve me, you will accept your mind is inferior and could never withstand the power of POSH. You will accept you have already been under the influence of The Venus Sway, that you’re already becoming addicted and hooked, and that this is just the way its supposed to be. I am YOUR GODDESS and you will bow to me with your wallet out, ready to serve.


7. I believe men were born to be of use to me, and I was born to be worshiped and served. Men in society are disgusting to women, and I never accepted that. I’ve witnessed what men do to women in the real world, and it’s disturbing. As a child I felt it was horrible the way my mother would be catcalled at while she had her brood of kids with her. I would throw rocks at those men, I would tell them off, I would even get into arguments with grown men about the superiority of WOMEN! As a child I’d hear men talk about women being MADE for MEN! That women were BORN TO BE FUCKED and SUCK! I knew it was not true. And I knew I would grow up and defy it with every ounce of me. You and I, we know that isn’t how it’s supposed to be. WE KNOW that the reason men feel this way boils down to fear at the loss of control you weaklings have for the female, this is men putting up a fight against the natural order of things, but you… you have given up that fight, and are on the right path.  You know you were made to kneel at my superior feet and beg to be of use to me. So whatever MY goals are, whatever MY aspirations are, those are YOUR ambitions! This is what you will be working towards as you serve me, MY financial goals! What else would your wallet be useful for? Surely not to stay in the hands of an undeserving male…


8. I’m not interested in playing a contrived fantasy version of what financial domination should be. I’ve created my own style and I am my own brand. I won’t be a cookie cutter Domme, but you will become a cookie cutter PERFECT slave for me. I will puppetize and Poshatize your mind so that you fit in exactly as you should with MY brand! You will become just another tool that enables my brand to GROW and become even MORE amazing and vast. Your entire life was created simply for me to benefit from it and benefit from it I will.


9. I love when slaves go into debt for me, take out loans and credit cards, send me cash via snail mail, and send me paypal tributes! DEBT is SEXY when it is for ME! There is no reason to be scared of sacrificing for me, as that is what you were made for, remember.


10. To be MY slave you need to be able to provide financial service, if you’re serving from afar and silently tribute me you are a TRUE money slave and this next part won’t apply to you, at least not until you finally decide to come out from behind your anonymous mask. So anyway those who DO want a personal relationship with me and want to interact with me as MY slave will need to have more than just a wallet. They will need: humility, loyalty, dedication, obedience, generosity, humbleness, submissive mind, respect, and to be completely open to the changes my programming will make.



For those who are able to read all of my words, ingesting my programming, you will be well rewarded for you will act out accordingly and find yourself as nothing more than a helpless MONEY MACHINE for ME, fulfilling my every greedy wish.


Goddess Posh

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