Halloween is here! I’ve been busy preparing my own festivities even though Halloween really isn’t my most favorite holiday. I know, shocker right, omg a Domme that doesn’t worship all things dark and black ha. But, I do LIKE HALLOWEEN a LOT so I definitely made sure to indulge my friends and family this year on YOUR DIME & am throwing a LAVISH party for them! That party is tonight so boys make sure to send your contributions in today, I have some last minute shopping to do.

So this week I’m posting my top 10 favorite HALLOWEEN/COSTUME tweets of those I’m following, which is mostly all FEMDOM FINDOM women.

I happened to see this retweeted on my timeline & enjoyed the wit & humiliation displayed here.

I always smile or laugh at some point when reading Mz Devious’s twitter timeline!

Ms Construed is great with words & with her claws & I don’t doubt for a second you boys have much to fear from HER.

OMG Princess Rene made a hilarious clip for all the humiliation junkies to enjoy this Halloween. Definitely ORIGINAL!

Wow Gorgeous!

Yes I still love all the old Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus all that… this reminded me of a movie I haven’t seen in ages!

What a fabulous costume & Halloween idea… love her incorporating it as a session.

Awww I love Daisy Duck too!

You look gorgeous and like you’re having FUN!

Some Lovely HALLOWEEN music to end the post! Thanks for sharing Maya Sinstress I love this song & had no idea who sang it or anything!

Happy Halloween & remember BOYS your job is to give US OUR TREATS and if we still decide to give you tricks you kiss our asses & thank us! My boys, I’ll be greening up for my HALLOWEEN treats so you’ll be sending ME cash & buying it for me. Such good obedient boys!

PS. I’ll be posting the full color set this black & white photo is taken from on www.thevenussway.com tomorrow!

Financial Domination Mask Costume Goddess Posh

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I had a Halloween party to attend last night so I didn’t have a chance to post my TOP 10 MOST LOVED TWEETS of the WEEK until today! I dressed as a Dark Angel by the way & had a great time but now I’m ready to show off what you lovely ladies have been saying this week.

financial domination goddess posh black angel

www.thevenussway.com where your mind will become exposed to my venus sway brainwash programming that turns you into the best financial slave ever


Oh & ladies, I recommend OnlyFans.com for uploading your personal content, videos, photos, anything you want! I have been really enjoying it & benefiting financially more and more each month that passes. It really is a great way to corral your followers!





I just love these tweets because they exemplify what is so great about our FEMDOM world! Here women are always in command, you boys are nothing but pawns for our pleasure! You WOMEN are DIVINE DOMINANT LEADERS and will keep these herd of MANSHEEP from becoming too spoiled, and too entitled, with your strong will! I love seeing us all training these boys how they ought to be, showing them the true meaning of being a slave to a Domme. In our world the men pay and do not get their way!



Mmmm hmmm that’s right, men are here to provide US pleasure, and they can thank us for keeping their sloave cocks all locked up in cages as they should be.

One of the best things about our world is that we rarely have to endure the idiocy of men, as we keep them chained and in line! But, when they do come around, we have no problem setting them straight and @SheControls is always brilliant with her wit and words.

In what other world can you find the women denying the men everything they want, even something as seemingly innocent as praise… we have all the power, & these boys need to truly work to serve our desires!

I love the women of this scene, for being so strong & so bold! WE don’t take crap from men anytime, anywhere. Men think they can treat us like meat but not in the Femdom society, where men kneel & beg to even look at us!

Whether a woman knows it or not she possesses a power over man that can destroy him instantly! In your beauty and in your intelligence you are more powerful than any man could ever hope to be. They are helpless to our whims.

I love this because it shows off just how much pleasure a woman can experience being in the Dominant role! Boys can only do one thing when they are leashed, and that’s OBEY! Provide, serve, and surrender to the SUPERIOR FEMININE!

We WOMEN do not care to CATER TO penis at all! WE do not care to cater to your fetish. WE are SUPERIOR creatures here to be served, kneeled to, and worshiped with cash. Why would we allow any of you lowly males to dictate what we do with OUR time? Why would we allow you to take control and decide how things are going to be? NOPE! Not going to happen, boys.

THIS is FUNNY & another reason why the #FEMDOM world is so fantastic- men do whatever we want them to do, even if it’s public humiliation.

Nothing feels the same as objectifying men and turning them into walking wallets does. That is the ultimate rush & I LOVE seeing other ladies experiencing it! I feel we really feed off each others energy & create an even stronger magnetization for MONEY!!!

And of course this tweet deserves to make the list because Annabelle Fatale has created a blog that so many women can learn from & use those skills to become EVEN GREATER at dominating and controlling the male species while making bank off of it!

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The Top 10 Most Loved (BY ME) #Findom #Femdom tweets of the week !!! These ladies are the reason I use twitter at all. I enjoy interacting with my own slaves on a more personal level so other than some promotion of my mindfuck art, & financial enslavement to me, I use it for socializing! Seeing other ladies laying down their femdom law on you boys is a treat in itself. It is unequivocally true that women are superior to men in every single way, including with our BRAINS. WE are much brighter, much more aware, much more awake to the world around us. That’s because men are hindered by their biological need to procreate, their unwavering obsession with getting their dicks off keeps them from evolving to the same level we women are at. With our ability to use the language of emotion we are naturally capable of enslaving the inferior male, who while can feel emotion can not understand or process it at the same level we can!

These tweets all show off the superiority of women or ways the inferior male can serve we superiors!

All of the slave Rules by Ms. Construed are amazing & her content is unique and interesting.

Cry bitches, cry! Flawless Melissa is witty & sarcastic but she’s so right, you boys need to release the stress of being such an inferior bitch with the tears of financial pain.

Suffer for our Financial Lust! Lorraine Cocoa doesn’t want little bitch tributes, and neither do I! Send until you have nothing left, are deep in debt, and are suffering physical effects of your financial service!

Ignoretrix is wise in the ways of draining men dry … why would we feel bad when we have your money sitting pretty in our hands? Broke because of MY financial lust? Then you did your job serving your SUPERIOR!

you crave to pay Brat Mindy and other Financial Dommes but you’re just too damn broke, it must suck to be you but we don’t feel bad for you! How much more inferior can you get!

The iconic Princess Sierra has spoken! The inferior species do not deserve to be in pleasure all day long, dicks dripping from grazing on the images of their beautiful superiors!

Its sad that this actually has to be explained but who better than Princess Fierce to set you boys straight. Clip buying is not serving, it is not selfless, and it doesn’t make you a GOOD BOY! It certainly helps you inferiors in your training though.

WE ladies can’t miss the chance to admire and adore each others beauty and hey why not take out or giddy excitement on a pair of nasty balls…superiors may adore each others beauty, while inferiors suffer for it!

This is so true! Remember this boys when you are clicking all your hard earned money over! It makes our lives even more enjoyable and as an inferior boy you need to contribute to your superiors pleasure!

SO SO true! Logging into their bank account is a high all on it’s own but then when you see for yourself that their entire income is being used for yourself & their bills only it is MIND BLOWING YUMMINESS! This is the ultimate way the submissive inferior will serve his Goddess – with ALL of his hard earned cash1

Thanks for keeping twitter #Findom #Femdom classy, smart, DOMINANT & fun ladies ! boys, remember we don’t have to display our superior wisdom on twitter for you to digest, so you will show your appreciation with your WALLET before you use your words.

Goddess Posh

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Originally I was going to focus on the #mindfuck hashtag but, I fell in love with so many tweets that weren’t technically in the ‘mindfuck’ theme so I had to follow my LOVESTRUCK heart and share all of these fabulous tweets.


This week has been crazy on twitter between the MTV True Life Findom episode, and the ‘how to findom’ book which apparently included racist views! I haven’t read the book myself, only seen the excerpt and the twitter exchanges, and I have to say I was shocked someone so blatantly wrote something like that! I mean seriously, GHETTO and the N WORD, to describe a type of ‘findom not to be’ … hmmmm so of course findom twitter was once again blowing up!


To keep things on the positive I want to share the 10 tweets I loved the MOST from other FemDom FinDom ladies! So many women are now embracing their power (and thats never a bad thing) that the world of financial domination and female domination has exploded with thousands and thousands of Dommes. I like to just highlight those who stand out the most to me. Enjoy!

One of my favorite tweets this week because it’s SO true! These boys act like it’s such a burden to pay for their fetishes, but they are forgetting how privileged they are to even BE HERE in the first place!

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Booking a flight out of the hurricane zone JUST LIKE THAT on his dime… that is power!

Miss Krystal, this is spot on. It really does mean something different to all of us, but there are certain elements we all can agree on – such as that it involves Domination and FINANCES!

YES I love when my boys tribute without my having to tell them!

Mixtrix has pointed out exactly why I only accept financial slaves, I’m not interested in being used for a consumer/buyers pleasure.

My only problem with this is the cash masters would like it too much! but then again they would probably become cash slaves after she has her way!

Draining boys dry just feels so good!

I love that I am an expensive luxury for my slaves! Don’t sell yourself short, ladies. These men already expect it of you, so we need to show them they will PAY because they are not entitled!

Women are powerful no matter how they choose to dress (or undress), and there have been many Financial Dommes that have controlled their slaves without clothes on!

I have to include @WhoresofYore … this is Myself reading a book with my beautiful friend @Dominairess

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