10 Tips for Financial Domination Websites

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Top 10 Tips for Financial Domination Websites

I’m not going to pretend I’m the BEST at SEO, but I do have some experience with it and what you have to understand is it’s a learning process. I’m always adding more tidbits and tips to my own knowledge base of SEO by listening to the experts. The thing with sex work is that you apply the same SEO tips you find for other vanilla sites to your own site, just modify it to fit your objectives. But I don’t want to focus just on SEO tips, although many of the tips I’m going to share will also be wonderful for search engine optimization. They kind of go hand in hand!

By the way, writing a blog like this on your own site is great for SEO. It drives traffic to your site via google, and not just from newbies looking for tips, but for the keywords you include in your post …

So onto the list!



Decide what your main focus will be before you begin posting or you will end up with a site that has content all over the place. Create a list of the top 10 keywords you want to push for. Make a new blog post for each topic, and cycle through with new variations of the same keywords. Expand your keyword list over time. The best way to see what topics are going to drive the most traffic to you is by using ‘google suggest’. What you do is type in your keyword for example… ‘small penis humiliation’ and see what google suggests based on that, those are the sentences you’ll want to include in your blog posts because those are the terms that people are searching for! If you’re creating a site about findom, smh, femdom, fetish clips, etc you’ll want to stay away from posting unrelated topics. It won’t help you with conversions, and it won’t help you with google. Whatever your site is based around having original content that isn’t exactly the same as everyone else will really help you stand out. ALSO: build your brand and presence with your own key tagline and phrases. I use ‘financial lust’ ‘The Venus Sway’  “my luxury is your prerogative” and “money slavery to Goddess Posh is not the question, it is the answer” on my sites. Pretty much all the ladies and fellas who know me know those are my phrases.




Having a favicon.ico image is an amazing and simple way to give your brand a boost. A favicon is a 16×16 image that sites display on the browser tab, or next to the URL in the browser bar. They also can appear in the bookmark list. When you add your own unique favicon clients will see your site as being more professional & will be more likely to convert into a sale. A favicon will make your site stand out when there are multiple tabs open in a browser. Imagine yours was the only open tab among a group of them without a favicon, it wouldn’t stand out very much to a potential client. But if every time he looked at his browser & he saw your brand staring back at him, what choice would he have but to think about your brand and we all know thinking about it is the first step to indulging in it! The favicon can also show up on google next to your site, so that is another bonus for using it! (here’s my favicon  its a P with a swirl behind it). To add a favicon to your site you can use favicon.cc to upload a jpg or png file and then download the .ico file and upload that to your root directory, once you do that  you should be able to go to www.yourwebsiteurl.com/favicon.ico and see it!




Make sure your site is fully fleshed out and easy to navigate. Having a simple one page site is okay, as long as it has a blog or other really well done content. Truly though you want to add more and more content to keep readers coming back for more. Every time you add a new page to your site make sure the content is fresh and original from anything else you’ve posted. You don’t want to be redundant with page after page of the same exact words. Say your site is focused on financial domination, you could have a page for selling clips and another page for posting your best findom quotes and tweets! I use a quotes and FAQ page on my poshmessiah site and they drive the MOST traffic to me from google! If you post too much of the same thing it will actually harm your site, and keep you from moving up in google ranks.





Do not overuse your keywords or it will begin to look like spam &  like you’re pushing too hard. It should be natural and read like you’re having a conversation. When you’re talking to your subs, friends, or other Dommes you don’t say the words Financial Domination in every sentence even if that’s the topic you’re focused on. Keep that in mind when writing! Having too much of the same word will make your site feel more like a commercial ad, and less personal to the readers. Make sure when you do use a keyword it’s actually relevant to what you’re writing about. If you just throw keywords out there to try to get traffic that can work against you too. People will click on your site, not see any useful information, and will click away which will definitely hinder your CLIMBING UP THE RANKS progress! You know those images you’re so generously uploading to your blog(thank us with CASH boys), you should add keywords to those as well so whenever there is an image search for say financial domination your photos may just pop up! You can add keywords to it in the title portion of the photo description. When you title your site and give it a description think about what keywords you want to use, but keep in mind just listing the keywords won’t be as interesting. When you look at an open tab you’ll see a title of the site and then usually a description or the tagline. This is a good place for a couple of keywords as well. Here is an open tab with my title and tag from PoshMessiah as an example. 





Keep regular updates on your blog to keep your position from slipping on google and to keep your readership up. When you only post once every 6 months you’re not giving a reason for anyone to visit your site. Yes a lot of ladies have dropped blogging in favor of clip producing but I think the blog still has plenty of use to it. When I post new blogs I am able to keep track of who reads it, what kind of response I get from it, and see direct conversion from boys clicking on my clips and buying. I’ll know which boys have read my blog and not bought the new content, and I’ll know which boys have. The more I post the more boys come back and get lost in my site. I will see them read one blog after the other and it almost always ends up in a sale of some kind for me, if not a tribute.





Make sure your site is secure! If you use wordpress you can find many plugins that offer security services, some are free and others you pay for. These services will prevent hackers from getting in through plugins and taking over your site! I’ve had it happen to me before because of an outdated plugin. These security holes do exist and they can and will be breached. You need something in place like Wordfence Security(for wordpress) to help you. It also keeps track of your visitors so you can get yet another view of activity on your site. Having a secure site is also something that makes your readers more comfortable. They want to be able to go on your webpage without having to worry about a hacker somehow getting access to them. Wordfence is nice because you can run a scan any time or just have it set to a timer to run automatically and if you have any issues with your site it will definitely let you know. This is what you will see when you log in after a scan has been completed, currently I have no site issues but if I did it would be listed which makes it so much easier to keep things secure! 





Design your site to fit you! It should be a reflection of your personality, domination style, and evoke a response from the viewer such. If you’re not good at graphics and have little money to hire someone for help you can find many free themes for wordpress. In the meantime you can work on your graphic skills so you can update your sites look in time, or you can save up a little cash and hire a Graphic Artist to help you. Between fiverr.com and the many Dommes that offer graphic design services you shouldn’t have any trouble. Its okay to look at other ladies for inspiration and to get an idea of what is possible, but that is NOT the same as copying or trying to be like someone else! Make it all yours, put YOUR spin on it! It’s also important to keep your look consistent through out your entire website. Some people might get confused if they click on a page in your site only to see a totally different design, and by some people we all know I am referring to the dumb males!




If you have youtube videos you can post them directly on your site.  You should make some youtube videos with a link to your site and then embed those same videos right on your webpage. Add your twitter feed as well. Any social media you are involved with should be added to your website. Either in a sidebar or on their own page. You want visitors that find you from google or click on your link from twitter to be able to subscribe to all of your social media. Social media is a great way to fill in your website with more content and keep a circle of your brand going. Every time they click on one thing they will be able to circle back around to another. Also add all your links to the sites you sell clips on, your amazon, and any other profiles you have so they are all in one convenient place.




If you take phone calls embed your call now button on your site, whether its from niteflirt, adultwork or wherever. Embed tribute buttons, and clips you’re selling directly on your site. Make your CALL TO ACTION buttons obvious and central to your site. CALL TO ACTION means you are compelling the viewer to not just look at your femdom site, but to interact with it by clicking and spending. You are calling the viewer into action, making them want to go from thinking into doing. Have your buttons displayed right at top, to the side, in the center and at the bottom so wherever they scroll they will see a call to action prodding them. If you are a ProDomme this works for sessions as well. Make sure you have clear terms laid out, like ‘click this button to call me now for $3.99 a minute’ so their mind is already set in buy mode. Using the terms PURCHASE NOW BUY NOW ETC is a psychological tool that sets the viewer up by guiding their train of thought into BUY BUY BUY … they are then prepared already to take out their credit card and start spending. RIGHT BOYS. Here is an example of my call to action buttons! I make it clear they are here to BUY and SPEND.






Reach out and connect with other Dommes. Networking is good for everyone. We have to see past our personal taste and feelings and see the bigger picture. When we include each other by sharing links back and forth we are creating a wider net for boys to fall into. Imagine you have a click to your site but he just isn’t into your style so he clicks back and that’s it. Game over. Now imagine another Domme and you are linked to each other, and he clicks on her site instead. Over on her site the same thing may be happening, and soon you both are swapping traffic back and forth. Now you made a sale on your site from traffic she sent you, and vice versa. Instead of seeing this as a bad thing it is actually a great thing. Soon you and your network of Domme friends will be cross sharing ALL the traffic, versus each fighting for it individually on google. This brings you ALL up on google, and that means you ALL get even MORE traffic.



I’d love any Dommes that have additional tips to leave a comment and link to your site as well. It will also benefit you as your site URL and name will then be associated with this Financial Domination post!

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