My TOP 10 Financial Domination Hypnosis Mindfuck CLIPS FROM 2007-2013

Those who are new to the world of Female Domination and Financial Domination may have missed out on my legendary extraordinary mindfuck clips, as they have since been archived. Perhaps you were an addict/fan/pet/puppet of mine way back when and you were just too stupid to buy these files when you had the chance, so NOW, now you are going to make sure not to miss out on this opportunity.

All of these files are priced at $35 each! This means if you have just started your POSH collection of clips you can buy ALL 10 (plus the 2 bonus videos) for $420! What an unbelievably low price to get your hands and MIND on all this POSH GOLD! These videos have been locked away in the POSHTOPIA vault for many years now. It is finally your opportunity to retrieve the MINDWASHING that you need. Experience the ERASING of your sold and replacing with MY programming.

Current addicts: make sure you own ALL of these clips. If you are missing any I know you will want to nab these while you have the chance.

Potential addicts: make your transition from lurker to helpless addict that much smoother with this array of clips. They have already corrupted, trained and drained hundreds of men before you, what makes you think you can resist?


Click on the PHOTO or the BUY NOW button and help yourself to my deliciously wicked mindfuck clips…


Seduced into a Dodo
financial domination breast worship goddess



JUST LIKE THAT you CRUMBLE! My Goddess figure is so curvy, so sensual and I am so confident and in control that you don’t stand a chance against me. As you watch in helpless aching need my hands roam up and down the perfect voluptuous curves of my body your mind melts away and you fall to your bitch knees.

Dehumanized & Poshatized


Devastating Beauty

One of the FIRST FEMDOM Hypnosis style clips I made, and it really left a strong impression on all of the hypnoboys that watched it.


Good Boy, That’s Better

Mindfucked Puppet Andrew

Alone with Goddess




The Posh House of Mindwash

I have a room for you in My special house of Mind Wash, it’s set up just for you to make you feel so dreamy and so sleepy and so under my control. You want to be a resident at the Posh House of Mind Wash, you want to come in and never be able to find your way back out.



The Staring Contest


Praise be to Posh: The Good Boys Mantra



Send tribute as a THANK YOU for my very generous re-release of these amazing archived clips. I am a LEGEND of creative genius in mindfuck, financial domination, and brainwash and I will continue to be so. As each of you is living proof of the POWER of POSH!

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This list is the ONE you have all been dying to read, because to be put on THIS LIST means you have been a part of MY world, MY empire, it is the greatest honor to be considered one of the TOP 10 SLAVES of all the thousands of men that have served me over the years!


My top 10 is based on one thing: WHO I ENJOYED THE MOST! Many slaves have sent thousands upon thousands of dollars, and I am sure some of you expect to see your name on here but won’t find it. That’s because you haven’t sent enough MONEY to compensate for YOUR FLAWS.

My enjoyment obviously comes from the cash, but it also comes from so much more… for example, the first boy on the list is puppet drone alan.



While blackmail isn’t my goto fetish, I do love to incorporate it at times. In 2009/10 alan served me for a while and then ran away. He retuned in 2015 and as punishment for his previous behavior I decided to blackmail him hard and deep! Only his little heart couldn’t take it, and he begged me to stop, claiming a heart attack was on the way. Of course I still laugh whenever I hear his pathetic cries.

His torment and torture was the perfect ball of yarn for this KITTY to play with! I loved batting him this way and that, totally abusing his inferior position, and him helplessly obeying. His immediate reactions, instant obedience, devotion, loyalty, and financial sacrifice all earned him a place in my top 10. He paid very close attention to what I loved from a slave, behavior wise, but also what I love in my life (like purple, owls etc) and would always gift me based on what I ENJOY. He is a TRUE SUBMISSIVE and when he returns to my feet we will both be happy about it. He is on a break right now, but he will be back.

I actually raised the pitch so we can hear him on this recording, so my voice is also unnaturally high! I don’t actually sound like a chipmunk haha.





Robotoine is not my wealthiest slave, although he is one of the most sacrificial. He is always going to the most extreme lengths he can to be able to provide more to me. He will go without meals, and without paying bills, if I were to allow it. There are times when his wife will have to pay for his half of the bills. While he came to me as a sissy slut and wanted to be used at glory holes and as a slut for hire, he has since been reformed. He wears panties and is chaste, but he no longer lives in a world where is focused on being a sissy. I have altered his mind and changed his thinking so that he now has a better, more fulfilling, purpose as my slave. He spends every moment of his life serving me, working to earn my money, worshiping me, and being programmed by me. He is not invested shallow selfish wants any longer, as he is now designed to live for me. I have him on this list because of all of these reasons, and because of his level of devotion and dedication to me.



This slave was fun for me because after years of being exposed to my very intense Venus Sway brainwashing he was quite pliable and easy to manipulate. I had a wonderful time holding his strings and making him do the puppet dance for me. He did whatever I wanted without question, but the few times he did question, I just made him roll over and take it anyway. I loved being worshiped and adored by him because he did it with such passion and enjoyment. What a rush it was to see all of the programming I had installed coming to life right before me. The years of him being under my influence in film was so evident, he had NO CONTROL and was exactly as I had designed. Financially I drained his life savings, although at his age you would have thought he had more saved up than that…

Keeping him locked in chastity was especially fun for me, and I still have the key. Inferior males aren’t allowed to orgasm, the only pleasure they receive is the pleasure of being under me.

He had two other qualities which set him apart from the other slaves: 1. At the time he was serving he was 1 of only 3 boys that owned EVERY SINGLE POSH VIDEO and 2. He signed a BLOOD OATH slave contract with…. you guessed it, his blood.






The first time we spoke I knew he would be mine forever. He was fucked. He came to me with such a stupid idea that he wouldn’t be in danger, because look at that ANGEL FACE. To this day my hypnotic blue eyes still keep him chained and dazed. I’ve added my poshyfool because he is another example of the power of MY programming. He is a long term faithful slave who will be in my life for as long as I will allow it. We never have any issues, because he is wired to go along with whatever I want. He knows not to argue, not to fight, not to fuss, and not to whine. He knows to be grateful and thankful that every day he gets to be a melty, mushy, weakling for me! My poshyfool has served me financially for over 5 years now. He has had periods of distance through out, but at this moment he has served me continuously for 2 years!

I’ve even designed a program to make ALL of you boys into poshyfools for me, you can find that video here:

In this photo I’m wrapped in the faux fur blanket poshyfool sent to me.






Slave john has made this list, much to his surprise I am sure. While I didn’t like certain behavior traits of his after much reprogramming and behavior modification he has improved to the point where I am able to say he has earned a place in my top 10. John has been a very loyal slave financially, I have been in his accounts and I know where the money goes. It goes to ME. John is humbled and weakened by me, despite his normal alpha position in life. I am the WOMAN that BURNS through every part of him, and fills him with an ache to surrender and submit. My vulnerability is attractive to him, but then he gets close and sees I am really the predator and he is prey. It is not my fault I look so vulnerable with my sweet innocent face, but it is HIS fault he thought so! Now he is totally wrapped around my finger and warped for me.

John has sent me MANY gifts over the years and MUCH cash as well. I will send him a message to send me $400 and he will do it, just like that. That is the kind of relationship I like having. Whatever I want available on demand. I want him there to talk with me about my day, what I am buying, what I want to watch/read/see/hear, my interests/goals/what I want out of life etc HE IS THERE and THEN HE PAYS ME TO LET HIM LISTEN TO ME TALK ABOUT IT ALL!

The dresses I am wearing are both from him, and the phone is from Poshatized Puppet (new iPhone is from puppet drone) and the backdrop is from Poshyfool and the mirror is from john, and the Dior makeup is from poshyfool and various other boys.


beautifulbaldposh3 buymemoregifts34


William was a slave of mine a few years ago. Unfortunately for him he just decided to disappear one day, so it does leave him with a bad mark in my books. However, the rest of the time he was a SPLENDID slave! I loved his service to me. He was polite, dedicated, so sweet, really submissive, very obedient, worshiped always… so he was pretty much the sort of money slave I prefer! He loved to send me cute and pretty things, and I loved it too! He knew he was just a worker bee made to serve the QUEEN BEE and never questioned his role. MY superiority and entitlement inspired him to be an even better boy for me. He loved my videos, and would always be one of the first to buy them up! He always left wonderful feedback without being told. He would use every bit of his extra income on ME, making sure I had whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. He still reads my words from time to time, but stays in hiding watching his little anime films instead of serving his TRUE PURPOSE of living life as MY loyal and mindless worker bee.



Kendoll is a fun slave for me because he is more of a binger than a loyal service sub. Which I love! He feels connected and close to me when he sends my gifts and cash. My favorite gift ever was the Nikon D800 from kendoll, because I just love photography! The characteristics that I liked in KD is that he didn’t bother me at all when he had no money to serve, he served as much as he could whenever he could, and he didn’t expect anything in return. Kendoll is named such because he is just a doll, made for me to do what I want with. A TOY. He is just an OBJECT, an object for ME to abuse and use and it makes him feel good. He is hooked on being emptied of it all for me, and he knows it. His submissive personality, binge gifting & the NikonD800 is why I have him on the TOP 10!



Tony is an old bitch from New England. His life revolved around his unhappy marriage and boring rental properties. He had nothing to do but sit at home waiting for the rental income to hit. Until he met me. He found me and the story was never the same again. Instantly I became his reason and everything which was mundane and torturous before was now with meaning. For he was living for ME. This mindfucked bitch spent every moment devoted to my happiness. Imagine his boring life suddenly filled up with such an intense wondrous beauty as MYSELF! He suddenly had the most submissive and woozy state of mind. His little boy brain was about to POP from the exposure to MY brilliance, and it made him ever the most compliant boy. I sure do love my puppets nice and brainless for me. Mindwashed little bitches are the best boys to play with. I played with him so hard I broke him, oops not sorry!


9. DAVID from the NAVY:

David was a brief pet of mine many years ago but he left a lasting impression due to his sheer adoration, love and SACRIFICE for me! It was hilarious when he added my fetish findom Facebook to his personal one, and a friend of his sent me a vile email trying to stand up for him. We both laughed at that but he was more embarrassed she would do it! I told him not to add me on that profile but he insisted! Because he wanted to show off WHO HE WAS SERVING. I had no problems draining him dry of every dollar he had, and he had no problems admitting my perfect big breasts made him the little bitch he was. He deserved to be drained dry, becoming such a bumbling fool over my cleavage. I don’t even show my perfect Goddess breasts naked, but do you think that matters! NOPE because he is SO weak for my BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOBIES. I know he still looks at my photos and wants to submit again, and guess what, he will. You all will!


10. Her Little Wallet Mueller

Ideal subject was drawn in by my gorgeous eyes and big breasts, just like many of my slaves have been. He has stayed all this time, even into his retirement, as he is ADDICTED and hooked on MY mindfuck. He can’t get enough of being an ATM for me, his slave lever wired to squirt out ONLY Cash! We have a lot of fun roleplaying about his involving his wife in worshiping me. He and I have our own special language, and he is wired to respond only to MY words. His mind is fully POSHATIZED. His body completely wired for me, so now in his retired old age he can only achieve an erection when he is in HUMAN ATM mode! He is not allowed to feel any sexual response or feelings when he isn’t serving ME ! I have fun with this pet and am now making sure he remembers just how inferior and low down he is by making him serve MY lover! Financially he submits every expendable dollar he has. Ohhhhh my little mueller, isn’t it tax time…




11. NERDY-

This was a slave that would bounce between myself, and another Domme. We often discussed his dual service, which he didn’t realize, and would then ‘blackmail’ and ‘punish’ him for MORE MONEY after ‘discovering’ his indiscretions. He was just a funny and cute little slave, really devoted, and really dorky. I loved to tease him, and mock him, and torment him because he was just a weak little virgin. He did eventually lose his virginity but didn’t stop me from still tormenting him. After all he did have sex with STUFFED ANIMALS for me! Like a PIG!! He also humped his bed, pillows, and between mattress and box spring for me. Financially I was able to keep him from spending any money on himself, as he lived at home with mum and dad and I forced him to GIVE IT ALL TO ME! Well it wasn’t really force, since he was more like compelled to OBEY by his submissive love and adoration for me. He was completely obsessed and helpless and I had a lot of fun with him. That is why he makes my top 10!


All of you that are reading this now, this top 10 list is FLUID! Any of the top 10 can be knocked out of their positions by any of you boys just by you following MY command. Like the sheep you are follow behind me, I will lead you the way. The path to being in MY world is before you, simply take the first step. Send a tribute today, right now.


Are you missing any of my new hypnotic and mindfuck clips? This is a grave error on your part, for my films are designed to draw you deeper into my world. Which is what you need and crave. Purchase all of the films you are missing now, don’t think about it, just obey on AUTOPILOT like the good boy you are.
Goddess Posh

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Top 10 MUST KNOW FACTS About Serving Goddess Posh

Financial Domination breast Worship Goddess Posh

Send More Money to Goddess Posh NOW


Wanting to SERVE ME is not anything new! Many men have come to me kneeling, begging to be of use. Some have been accepted into my world, allowed to bring me pleasure and service my financial lust, while others have simply failed to meet my standards. This information is definitely going to help you to earn your own special place in MY stable of love struck money slaves.





Also just a little tidbit about me but I LOVE to see how high I can make you jump. I will push and pull you in so many ways just for the sheer fact that I can, so you will come into this knowing that you are nothing but a ball of clay for me to play with. 


With that being said here are the TOP 10 MUST KNOW FACTS about SERVING ME: 

1.When you first approach me you may mistakenly have your own fetish, desires, or wants on the line as your offering point. An example would be, “I want you to post my pictures online to humiliate me for money.’ Erase that from your mind right now. You need to approach me knowing I am a Goddess, not a Domme Performer. I live a lifestyle where I am superior and worshiped, not inferior and paid to make you happy. This reformation in your thinking will only help you to become a BETTER slave for me! Instead you will approach from a humble kneeling position, with a tribute already sent as an amazon gift card to or as a tribute on NITEFLIRT! Only after you have earned it will you be allowed to send cash via snail mail, or paypal.



2. Once I have a tribute I’ll establish what sort of use I want you for. Do I intend to keep you as a long term slave, a recurrent slave, a drive by spender, or a one time binger… this is where you and I will find our yin and yang. We will discover what balance is best between us, I will push and pull in many different directions, and like a good ball of clay you will helplessly comply. After I discover which shape I like you best in I will give you further direction. This is MY world you have crawled into, make your usefulness known or I will toss you aside. Let it be known that you are a SLUT if you are a SLUT and I will use you appropriately. Believe me when I say that no matter what mode of financial domination I decide to use on you, it will be to MY best benefit.


3. Know that I love CASH the MOST! Gift cards are wonderful as well. Gifts I love to designate to my owned boys, or I like to be surprised by drive by boys. But I don’t like when you have never sent a tribute, and you approach and ask if you can be MY money slave and then ask to send a GIFT!  NO WAY! Gifting is reserved for those who earn it, or those who are not wasting my time (the silent buyer). Not someone that is just trying to get into the WORLD of POSH! Show me the MONEY and then I’ll think about allowing you to gift me too.


4. I have little patience when it comes to waiting for my money or gifts to arrive, for you to obey orders or get acts done for me because I shouldn’t have to wait for any of it! But, when it comes to the long term effect of MY brainwash programming I am very patient, I know that you will not be able to escape the changes that my programming are causing to happen. It may take years, or even just days, depending on the boy… but I know that it can not be avoided. Two points you can learn here: 1. I won’t accept waiting to be obeyed, or for my money, so always be QUICK and 2. your mind will experience changes!


5. I have no limit on how much I want! I will not settle for your financial limits either, as that would mean you are in control and the fact is you are NOT in control AT ALL. The fact is you are totally out of control, and this means I choose when it is ENOUGH! I choose when I have had my fill of you. Because MY financial lust will be quenched and if that means you have to suffer, I will be even happier for it! I believe in males sacrificing for me. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. So it might hurt you to give me what I want, but giving me what I want fills me with BLISS and MY BLISS is your ticket to redemption!


6. I use my own version of brainwashing, called The Venus Sway, to keep you boys ensnared with ME FOR LIFE! I have lured many of you to your emotional, financial and mental doom over the years, and despite seeing one boy after the other go down for me, you all keep coming. Because I have a magic appeal, and there is no stopping this. As a follower of mine, and one who wishes to serve me, you will accept your mind is inferior and could never withstand the power of POSH. You will accept you have already been under the influence of The Venus Sway, that you’re already becoming addicted and hooked, and that this is just the way its supposed to be. I am YOUR GODDESS and you will bow to me with your wallet out, ready to serve.


7. I believe men were born to be of use to me, and I was born to be worshiped and served. Men in society are disgusting to women, and I never accepted that. I’ve witnessed what men do to women in the real world, and it’s disturbing. As a child I felt it was horrible the way my mother would be catcalled at while she had her brood of kids with her. I would throw rocks at those men, I would tell them off, I would even get into arguments with grown men about the superiority of WOMEN! As a child I’d hear men talk about women being MADE for MEN! That women were BORN TO BE FUCKED and SUCK! I knew it was not true. And I knew I would grow up and defy it with every ounce of me. You and I, we know that isn’t how it’s supposed to be. WE KNOW that the reason men feel this way boils down to fear at the loss of control you weaklings have for the female, this is men putting up a fight against the natural order of things, but you… you have given up that fight, and are on the right path.  You know you were made to kneel at my superior feet and beg to be of use to me. So whatever MY goals are, whatever MY aspirations are, those are YOUR ambitions! This is what you will be working towards as you serve me, MY financial goals! What else would your wallet be useful for? Surely not to stay in the hands of an undeserving male…


8. I’m not interested in playing a contrived fantasy version of what financial domination should be. I’ve created my own style and I am my own brand. I won’t be a cookie cutter Domme, but you will become a cookie cutter PERFECT slave for me. I will puppetize and Poshatize your mind so that you fit in exactly as you should with MY brand! You will become just another tool that enables my brand to GROW and become even MORE amazing and vast. Your entire life was created simply for me to benefit from it and benefit from it I will.


9. I love when slaves go into debt for me, take out loans and credit cards, send me cash via snail mail, and send me paypal tributes! DEBT is SEXY when it is for ME! There is no reason to be scared of sacrificing for me, as that is what you were made for, remember.


10. To be MY slave you need to be able to provide financial service, if you’re serving from afar and silently tribute me you are a TRUE money slave and this next part won’t apply to you, at least not until you finally decide to come out from behind your anonymous mask. So anyway those who DO want a personal relationship with me and want to interact with me as MY slave will need to have more than just a wallet. They will need: humility, loyalty, dedication, obedience, generosity, humbleness, submissive mind, respect, and to be completely open to the changes my programming will make.



For those who are able to read all of my words, ingesting my programming, you will be well rewarded for you will act out accordingly and find yourself as nothing more than a helpless MONEY MACHINE for ME, fulfilling my every greedy wish.


Goddess Posh

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