Top 10 Reasons Why Its OKAY to Say Wallet Rape


I’m a Financial Domination Goddess involved in the financial domination world. I’ve been involved in this scene for a number of years now and have seen this topic come up for discussion time and again, is it OKAY to say WALLET RAPE…

My answer is YES and I’ll give you 10 reasons why:

UPDATE: Look at this graphic from my great friend @Dominairess !!!


Freedom of Speech

Simply by ARGUING against using the term Wallet Rape you are enacting the VERY thing which protects our right to use this term. By claiming you do not like the term and do not think people should use it, you are both supporting freedom of speech (for yourself) while asking that the rest of us give up our freedom. Perhaps this is hard to wrap your mind around if you feel very emotional about others using that term, but you are actually acting as a hypocrite when you use your right to freely express yourself to ask others NOT TO do the same! This is called censorship!

The definition of censor is ‘any person who supervises the manners or morality of others. Now I actually lost a friend because she thinks I have a lack of character due to the fact that I wouldn’t stop using the term, because SHE didn’t like it. She said it’s not called censorship, it’s called being thoughtful. When in fact I have thought about this term for many years before I came to the conclusion it is NOT WRONG to use the term WALLET RAPE.



2. It is NOT About Forcible Penetration

The term ‘wallet rape’ is not about forcing a penis into a vagina. It is not about forcing anything into anyone. It is about plundering, pillaging, and draining a wallet dry so hard that there is nothing left, totally disregarding the MALE! By the way this can be EMPOWERING for women who have been raped, and for women who have been abused, controlled, or demeaned by men in any way. In the Financial Domination subculture men are no longer predators, as they are in the every day vanilla world. They are no longer a danger to any woman. They are the OBJECT. They are the BITCH. They are there to pleasure, pamper, provide for and serve a DOMINANT woman.

3. It does NOT Perpetuate RAPE CULTURE!!!!!


When we use the term wallet rape we are in no way at all condoning rape culture, which tries to normalize sexual assault and forcible penetration from men on women by blaming the victim (she wanted it, her skirt was short, she was drunk etc). WE are NOT doing this when we call the deep forcible financial draining of a money slave wallet rape. I know of absolutely zero instances where the term ‘wallet rape’ has convinced a man he has the right to rape a woman. I know of zero times someone has seen the words ‘wallet rape’ and therefore assumed raping a person sexually is OKAY. Look at point number 2, the definition of rape in our context is NOT about raping a woman or man physically with a penis or other penetrating object. It is about PILLAGING PLUNDERING all of the resources from a weak male!

Additionally we are not going around shouting ‘rape’ as a joke, in a room of rape survivors, or anything tasteless like that. We are using the term ‘wallet rape’ within context within the Financial Domination industry.


We are adults. We have the right to use whatever language we choose. Nobody has the right to try to enforce their morality onto us, or their choices. We have the ability to make our own decisions and come to our own conclusions.  While its fine to consider the anti-wallet-rape point of view in the end you don’t have to give in to the persuasions of another person. You are allowed to make up your own mind, ladies. You are not lacking morality or character because you choose to use a word which is part of our community, fetish etc..

5- Financial Domination is part of the SEX WORK INDUSTRY. It is a SUBCULTURE.

As little sex as you may use in your ‘work’ and as little as you may even ‘work’ the Financial Domination world is considered part of the Sex Work Industry and the only things anyone should ever try to regulate in regards to another persons sex life is:

  1.  THAT IT IS CONSENSUAL (report if NO)

     2.  THAT THERE ARE NO ANIMALS/CHILDREN/VICTIMS (report if the answer is YES)

     3.  THAT IT IS LEGAL (report this if you feel it should be)

IF the fetish/sex/exchange is something you do not like you do not have to look. Your personal tastes, feelings, and reactions do not dictate what goes on between myself and my slaves.  And it certainly does not control what language I use or what I tweet. What I, and others do for sexual pleasure, enjoyment, personal amusement or even to make MONEY, shouldn’t be your concern as long as the criteria I already listed have been met.  Remember in a subculture there is often a unique language being used by the members and to try to change those words would be very foolish.

6- Being a TRIGGER word is NOT a reason to STOP USING A WORD

If you are NOT suffering from PTSD and are merely uncomfortable with the word it is ABSURD to call it a trigger.

If you are suffering from PTSD of course I have empathy for you. That is not right that you were hurt and it’s not fair that you have to relive it every time you see a certain word. However that isn’t a reason to ask for a word (phrase) not be used, especially one that is so deeply ingrained in our fetish culture.

WE can’t possibly expect every word that upsets someone else to be removed from our vocabulary!!! We already can’t sell videos/mp3s etc on certain sites with the word hypno in it! It’s ridiculous to expect every word that upsets certain people to be removed. We don’t all see those words the SAME WAY.

Which brings me to reason number 7.

7- WE all have different POV, opinions, feelings and thoughts and its NOT OKAY to try to force yours on anyone else.

RESPECTING that others have the right to choose what words they use is a big part of being an adult. While you may not like words for different reasons, you can’t expect everyone else to feel the same. By respecting others differences, which includes the fact that they have different life experiences and therefore a different POV, you are actually opening up the doorway for discussion. As soon as you start disrespecting someone by asserting your view as the ONLY RIGHT VIEW, you just lost.


8- It Can be Empowering!

  Because rape is so strongly associated with men forcing themselves on women using the word to reverse the roles and attributing it to a totally different action (taking from a man vs being forcibly penetrated) it can be very empowering! As Dominant women we are already pretty empowered but it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy showing it off! These men need to be pushed down from the almighty pedestal they have put themselves on and that is what wallet rape is all about. Showing these men they are not as strong as they thought, that they have a primal weakness that leaves them vulnerable to OUR ALMIGHTY POWER! With just a few words we keep them dripping cash.


9- Calling it WHAT IT IS!

When you drain a slave wallet dry so that there is nothing left and he is begging and crying for you to stop, only he is forced by your power over him to send you more, you are wallet raping him! Not only are you raping his wallet but you are exerting your dominance over his wallet. This is what FINANCIAL DOMINATION is. To refer to it simply as ‘wallet draining’ is not accurate enough at times. Sure we don’t always go so hardcore extreme with our draining of men, but when we do why shouldn’t we call it wallet rape (which is what it is)… because it hurts someone else’s feelings that isn’t even involved in it? That makes no sense to me. It’s illogical to change what we call it just to spare the feelings of someone who isn’t even part of the exchange.


10- Because I want to and I like it! 

I don’t want to stop saying wallet rape because it is the perfect expression for the hardcore extreme financial domination I practice on some of my pets, subs, and slaves. It feels good to say I’ve raped his wallet and made him bleed green for me. It feels good to know I’ve taken the male pig and showed him what he really is by turning the tables! I love extreme financial domination and I love the words used to describe it. What better way to say I damaged a bitch boys finances than to say I wallet raped him. It makes me happy and I’ve learned to live life how I want. I don’t apologize for doing what I want in life.

Extra Point: Just because I don’t believe in censorship and am okay with the term wallet rape doesn’t mean I am an advocate for racism/hate speech. However if someone uses hate speech I can’t tell them not to when I am the one that is an advocate for free speech. All I can say is I don’t like it, I don’t agree with it, it’s not acceptable to me but you have every right to use it. We all have our OWN LIMITS to set.

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