The TOP 10 SECRETS boys have SHARED with ME:

1. In the early years I allowed a nasty piss drinker to serve me. He wasn’t a bad submissive so I enjoyed him in that way, it was the pee drinking I found gross! Although I had no problem making him fill up a cup and down it for me on cam, so that I could screenshot and blackmail him with the photos later. Of course I made him PAY ME to not share the photos with his wife & I also made him wet himself in front of her as punishment. He claims to have developed his taste for urine as a result of being told what a dirty boy he was… He confessed that at a prepubescent age his OLDER brother and his brothers friends would force him to perform orally, and would jerk him off. He actually liked it he said, and he said that they told him he was dirty and it was his fault, hence he likes to drink the DIRTY PEE, because he is a DIRTY BOY! We are no longer in contact but I see him around, and he’s still drinking that pee.

2. A sissy boy confessed to jerking off into his sisters shampoo bottle every time he took a shower. She never had any clue. He also wore her panties and socks and she never knew. He jerked off into them! HIS OWN SISTER. It’s such a violation of another person and all because of HIS SEXUAL FETISH. What is up with men thinking they can impose their fetish onto others?

3. There was a slave named MICHAEL who enjoyed too much ALCOHOL. He was a bartender at nights, and when he was feeling extra disgusting, he would stir up ladies drinks with his PENIS. I am not even kidding you. He admitted to sticking his dick, on more than one occasion, into a mixed drink and stirring it up then SERVING IT! After he made this confession I enjoyed a good round of CBT on him, something I can get into when MY mood is right. He actually lost his job after this, and he lost ME.

4. One boy confessed to me the first time he went to give oral sex to a girl she had SHIT down there. So, he was traumatized. But the traumatization didn’t affect just his desire to eat out women. This boy was so traumatized the only thing he could do to CUM was talk about fucking his own mother and how amazing and superior she was. He was a 44 year old virgin! At the age of 19 that boy went from being a normal vanilla man, to forever becoming a SLAVE to that experience. He was never able to enjoy women again. Except for his mom, which she didn’t know of course. But it didn’t stop him from staying on the phone with me for hours every night confessing how badly he needed to FUCK HIS OWN mother and be PUNISHED by Me for it!

5. A slave in NYC admitted to stealing his wifes dildo and using it on himself, like the nasty anal whore he is, only thing is this nasty fuck said he also used it (no condom) on a friend of his and then they PUT IT BACK without cleaning it. He begged for me to punish him for his wrong doings, so I made him lick it clean on webcam… I then told him I would be sharing the photos I snapped with his wife so she knows what a nasty husband she really has. He said he would confess to her that he used the dildo just please don’t send her the photos. Okay I won’t share the photos, but you’re going to be paying 1k to keep me from doing so and that is how come you should never tell your secrets to a Financial Domme unless you’re ready to pay.

6. Everyone knows about poop boy right? OMG he is so disgusting, this nasty fuck spends his time in the bathrooms of the mall hoping and waiting for someone to leave a dump behind. Then he eats it. He also receives mail from different women that contain their poop and some even pack in forks and napkins for him, and put them in lunch boxes. WHY? Because he ASKS for it that way and offers 1-5k each time. I have NEVER agreed to do that for him, I just can’t. It’s SO not ME. But, his confessions of his public restroom visits tainted my beautiful Goddess mind so much I had to receive a LOT of gifts from him to make up for that. LOTS of pretty and shiny things for MY home, to scrub his nasty dirty confessions OUT of my mind! YES I had to wash MY mind free of the NASTY ICKY feeling his confession gave me, and I did so with his wallet over and over. I drained him of so much cash, and never once did I send him any poo. He is probably still out there getting all these young bbdommes to do it for him now.

7. Men can be so very desperate when horny, the extreme lengths they will go to in order to satisfy an itch can be downright shocking! Years ago I had a caller confess to me he had installed a hidden camera in the bedroom of his neighbors house. She was a young college girl and had no idea her dirty old neighbor was a peeping tom. When she was gone he would break in and wear her clothing, and then after he would come home and jerk off to the footage of himself in HER clothes! One day he was doing this when his wife caught him. Instead of leaving she decided to blackmail him with it. She said she would go to the police if he didn’t obey her. She made him get the camera back, and she never told the girl but after that her husband became a total bitch for her. She began bringing men over and fucking them, while he had to wait in the closet watching, wearing her panties, not allowed to cum. Eventually she even had him sucking cocks for her. She took total control over his finances too. She gave him an allowance to humiliate himself with every week, with which she would make him call different Dommes on niteflirt, and tell the story of what he did and how his wife now owns him like a bitch. I even spoke WITH HER on the call.

8. A call I received on Niteflirt was from a boy that really loved the feeling of urine, and plastic. He would lay garbage bags out on his bed, and then he would lay down naked on them, and pee all over himself. He would lay in it all day, rolling around, sloshing in his piss. He called me while he was doing it and would ask to be able to jerk off into the pool of pee, and then swim in it! He would do this for HOURS every day, while his family were gone! He would clean up and shower after so they never knew. He was a really disgusting person as one day he was interrupted during the middle of his piss pool routine for an emergency at work and didn’t have time to shower. He had been soaking in that thing the entire morning already! He threw on his work clothes and WENT IN! He then kept blaming another employee for the strong urine odor.

9. A former hypnoslave confessed to digging up my personal info, including my first and last name, and more when he first approached to serve, although he had already known of me and watched my videos for 5 years before this! He found my private Facebook (which I no longer have one). To me this was a very chilling confession. Despite this initial behavior of his he proved himself to be sane and not at all interested in harming me. So I did allow him to serve. But when first hearing it I found the whole thing to be VERY inappropriate and CREEPY! There is no need for any of you to do any sleuthing or cyber-detecting of me.

10. There was a boy who loved his cum, so much that he would stir it up. Stirring it up wasn’t enough, he’d add food coloring to it, then layer it in shot glasses like a parfait. He then would freeze these shot glasses of cum and eat them up after! He confessed he not only enjoyed his own cum, but all mens cum, and begged for me to mail him some. Which is so gross, I of course laughed and said NO but you may TRIBUTE to me for having to hear about your gross ass fetish! He then confessed he had served his cum parfait to others before, lying to them about what it was! PUHLEASE stop forcing your nasty fetishes on OTHER people you disgusting creatures. He ended up blocking me on niteflirt because I would not kiss his fucking ass and pretend like him freezing up and eating his own cum didn’t disgust me. I’m not going to pretend to love your fetish for money. That’s not financial domination TO ME.

So boys what you need to know is I will make you confess all of your secrets to me, and I will use them against you. When I use blackmail it’s at MY discretion, not because some guy paid me to. I’m not down with that. I’m here to have fun with you like the little toys that you are. So when I want to torment and torture you by using your secrets against you, I will. YES I am the one that compelled the secrets from you and then used them to hurt you, but you will love me all the more for it.

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Goddess Posh
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