Top 10 Reasons Why Its OKAY to Say Wallet Rape


I’m a Financial Domination Goddess involved in the financial domination world. I’ve been involved in this scene for a number of years now and have seen this topic come up for discussion time and again, is it OKAY to say WALLET RAPE…

My answer is YES and I’ll give you 10 reasons why:

UPDATE: Look at this graphic from my great friend @Dominairess !!!


Freedom of Speech

Simply by ARGUING against using the term Wallet Rape you are enacting the VERY thing which protects our right to use this term. By claiming you do not like the term and do not think people should use it, you are both supporting freedom of speech (for yourself) while asking that the rest of us give up our freedom. Perhaps this is hard to wrap your mind around if you feel very emotional about others using that term, but you are actually acting as a hypocrite when you use your right to freely express yourself to ask others NOT TO do the same! This is called censorship!

The definition of censor is ‘any person who supervises the manners or morality of others. Now I actually lost a friend because she thinks I have a lack of character due to the fact that I wouldn’t stop using the term, because SHE didn’t like it. She said it’s not called censorship, it’s called being thoughtful. When in fact I have thought about this term for many years before I came to the conclusion it is NOT WRONG to use the term WALLET RAPE.



2. It is NOT About Forcible Penetration

The term ‘wallet rape’ is not about forcing a penis into a vagina. It is not about forcing anything into anyone. It is about plundering, pillaging, and draining a wallet dry so hard that there is nothing left, totally disregarding the MALE! By the way this can be EMPOWERING for women who have been raped, and for women who have been abused, controlled, or demeaned by men in any way. In the Financial Domination subculture men are no longer predators, as they are in the every day vanilla world. They are no longer a danger to any woman. They are the OBJECT. They are the BITCH. They are there to pleasure, pamper, provide for and serve a DOMINANT woman.

3. It does NOT Perpetuate RAPE CULTURE!!!!!


When we use the term wallet rape we are in no way at all condoning rape culture, which tries to normalize sexual assault and forcible penetration from men on women by blaming the victim (she wanted it, her skirt was short, she was drunk etc). WE are NOT doing this when we call the deep forcible financial draining of a money slave wallet rape. I know of absolutely zero instances where the term ‘wallet rape’ has convinced a man he has the right to rape a woman. I know of zero times someone has seen the words ‘wallet rape’ and therefore assumed raping a person sexually is OKAY. Look at point number 2, the definition of rape in our context is NOT about raping a woman or man physically with a penis or other penetrating object. It is about PILLAGING PLUNDERING all of the resources from a weak male!

Additionally we are not going around shouting ‘rape’ as a joke, in a room of rape survivors, or anything tasteless like that. We are using the term ‘wallet rape’ within context within the Financial Domination industry.


We are adults. We have the right to use whatever language we choose. Nobody has the right to try to enforce their morality onto us, or their choices. We have the ability to make our own decisions and come to our own conclusions.  While its fine to consider the anti-wallet-rape point of view in the end you don’t have to give in to the persuasions of another person. You are allowed to make up your own mind, ladies. You are not lacking morality or character because you choose to use a word which is part of our community, fetish etc..

5- Financial Domination is part of the SEX WORK INDUSTRY. It is a SUBCULTURE.

As little sex as you may use in your ‘work’ and as little as you may even ‘work’ the Financial Domination world is considered part of the Sex Work Industry and the only things anyone should ever try to regulate in regards to another persons sex life is:

  1.  THAT IT IS CONSENSUAL (report if NO)

     2.  THAT THERE ARE NO ANIMALS/CHILDREN/VICTIMS (report if the answer is YES)

     3.  THAT IT IS LEGAL (report this if you feel it should be)

IF the fetish/sex/exchange is something you do not like you do not have to look. Your personal tastes, feelings, and reactions do not dictate what goes on between myself and my slaves.  And it certainly does not control what language I use or what I tweet. What I, and others do for sexual pleasure, enjoyment, personal amusement or even to make MONEY, shouldn’t be your concern as long as the criteria I already listed have been met.  Remember in a subculture there is often a unique language being used by the members and to try to change those words would be very foolish.

6- Being a TRIGGER word is NOT a reason to STOP USING A WORD

If you are NOT suffering from PTSD and are merely uncomfortable with the word it is ABSURD to call it a trigger.

If you are suffering from PTSD of course I have empathy for you. That is not right that you were hurt and it’s not fair that you have to relive it every time you see a certain word. However that isn’t a reason to ask for a word (phrase) not be used, especially one that is so deeply ingrained in our fetish culture.

WE can’t possibly expect every word that upsets someone else to be removed from our vocabulary!!! We already can’t sell videos/mp3s etc on certain sites with the word hypno in it! It’s ridiculous to expect every word that upsets certain people to be removed. We don’t all see those words the SAME WAY.

Which brings me to reason number 7.

7- WE all have different POV, opinions, feelings and thoughts and its NOT OKAY to try to force yours on anyone else.

RESPECTING that others have the right to choose what words they use is a big part of being an adult. While you may not like words for different reasons, you can’t expect everyone else to feel the same. By respecting others differences, which includes the fact that they have different life experiences and therefore a different POV, you are actually opening up the doorway for discussion. As soon as you start disrespecting someone by asserting your view as the ONLY RIGHT VIEW, you just lost.


8- It Can be Empowering!

  Because rape is so strongly associated with men forcing themselves on women using the word to reverse the roles and attributing it to a totally different action (taking from a man vs being forcibly penetrated) it can be very empowering! As Dominant women we are already pretty empowered but it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy showing it off! These men need to be pushed down from the almighty pedestal they have put themselves on and that is what wallet rape is all about. Showing these men they are not as strong as they thought, that they have a primal weakness that leaves them vulnerable to OUR ALMIGHTY POWER! With just a few words we keep them dripping cash.


9- Calling it WHAT IT IS!

When you drain a slave wallet dry so that there is nothing left and he is begging and crying for you to stop, only he is forced by your power over him to send you more, you are wallet raping him! Not only are you raping his wallet but you are exerting your dominance over his wallet. This is what FINANCIAL DOMINATION is. To refer to it simply as ‘wallet draining’ is not accurate enough at times. Sure we don’t always go so hardcore extreme with our draining of men, but when we do why shouldn’t we call it wallet rape (which is what it is)… because it hurts someone else’s feelings that isn’t even involved in it? That makes no sense to me. It’s illogical to change what we call it just to spare the feelings of someone who isn’t even part of the exchange.


10- Because I want to and I like it! 

I don’t want to stop saying wallet rape because it is the perfect expression for the hardcore extreme financial domination I practice on some of my pets, subs, and slaves. It feels good to say I’ve raped his wallet and made him bleed green for me. It feels good to know I’ve taken the male pig and showed him what he really is by turning the tables! I love extreme financial domination and I love the words used to describe it. What better way to say I damaged a bitch boys finances than to say I wallet raped him. It makes me happy and I’ve learned to live life how I want. I don’t apologize for doing what I want in life.

Extra Point: Just because I don’t believe in censorship and am okay with the term wallet rape doesn’t mean I am an advocate for racism/hate speech. However if someone uses hate speech I can’t tell them not to when I am the one that is an advocate for free speech. All I can say is I don’t like it, I don’t agree with it, it’s not acceptable to me but you have every right to use it. We all have our OWN LIMITS to set.

Become one of my next wallet rape puppets by subscribing to me on where you will have your brains scrambled up so good.


And in conclusion here are some tweets from some of your favorite FemDom Financial Dommes! *the views expressed above are mine alone!


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Top 10 Characteristics of My Future Husband


The man who marries me will be a very privileged soul. He will naturally be submissive to me but it requires much more than that to become MY husband. Perhaps one of you weak addicted money slaves will carry all of these traits and become the man who wraps a very expensive ring around MY finger. The truth is I will not settle for anything less than what is on this list. I am not your average woman. I am a Goddess and will seek out only the best for myself. I will be happy with my marriage in all ways or it won’t happen. I will be adored, worshiped, and served by my husband in every way. He will cherish and love me above everything. I will never have to wonder if he is sincere because he will show me with every action he takes.

Read the list and find out what a Financial Domination Goddess wants in a husband!



This man that will be granted the privilege of marrying ME will be so wealthy, either from inheritance or investment, that he will be able to come and go as he pleases. There will be no chains keeping him going in to work all the time. He will have people that work FOR HIM while he is busy whisking me away on whirlwind vacations, shopping trips etc He will not be living from paycheck to paycheck!



I will be the GODDESS OF HIS LIFE! HE will see me as being superior, and recognized I am on a pedestal. He will see that I deserve to have whatever I want and be happy to give it all to me. He will treasure me, and cherish everything about me.  He will submit to MY will. All decisions will be mine. I will have full access to all of his finances, which will actually be MINE. This man will take a back seat to my rule at all times. He will never challenge my authority. He enjoys pampering me, pleasuring me, providing to me, and is happy for me to take the lead. He is polite to all women. In public we keep a more equal appearance, though he is NEVER allowed to take a dominant role WITH ME. He will be able to handle himself with others in a dominant role if NEEDED.



I like handsome men! I will not tolerate someone short, fat, hairy, or warty! I don’t want him to be a giant though, either. Height up to 6’3 ONLY!! He dresses very well, high end brands, no screen t-shirts, no cheap polos, no cheesy hats. He would have darker hair, and brown eyes. Blue eyes on men are kinda creepy looking to me! I prefer dark and handsome men. Distinguished looking. Up to 10 years older than me. Wears a watch. Doesn’t obsess on his phone! His favorite thing to wear is my collar and leash of course.



I become his main hobby! YUP MY happiness becomes his MAIN interest! This husband of mine will wake up each day so thrilled to be able to spend the day doing whatever it is that I want. Since he knows I like to have a lot of me time and spend time bossing my slaves around he will also have his own interests to keep him busy when I am busy. Golfing, biking, hiking, rowing, fencing, martial arts etc are just a few of the ways he will stay active. He will also stay busy building me whatever I want (think STUDIOS FOR MY ART) … he isn’t obsessed with sports at all. He can watch a game with family/friends but that’s about the extent of it!



When I say Prince Charming I am in no way inferring he is ROYALTY/SUPERIOR/KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR… no way at all! I am strictly speaking about MY future husbands personality! He will be CHARMING, sweeping women off of their feet without even trying. I will be the one woman who he has to work so hard to impress. He will be humorous, kind, thoughtful, attentive, observant, open-minded, intelligent, witty, CHARMING of course, well mannered, patient, interesting, successful, ambitious, tolerant,  proud to be MY partner and PROVIDER, and love his family and friends. He never tells classless jokes, he is never prejudice or racists, he is never judgmental. He simply lives and lets others live. He understands that everyone has their own plan and path to adhere to, so he never tries to argue or fight with others over their opinions or life choices. He is never bitter or angry about others doing well. He enjoys seeing others succeed in life too!  He is very strong, protective and powerful. I feel safe being married to him since he is so trustworthy and would never hurt me.



My future husband has not only already traveled all over the world but he owns homes in at least 3 countries, and multiple homes in the United States. He just loves to travel but understands we only travel when I feel like it and we go where I want! I might want to go to South America for a week and then go to a casino resort for another week. I will only travel first class or private jet. MY husband would never want me to get on a plane with all the average pedestrians out there! He will give me a list of his favorite destinations for us to visit together, only if I desire. He will have many interesting artifacts from around the world as he will appreciate history as I do. We will enjoy these things together. He will find my love of ancient artifacts to be endearing and contagious and will find ways to secure me more and more of them!



If he has kids they are already teenagers or older. They do not need me to be their mother in other words! But he is very family oriented meaning that if it came down to ME or WORK he would always choose me. If it was ME or friends he would always choose ME. I it was ME or an event, he would choose ME. He would choose me over everything and never feel bad about it. He knows that for his life to be truly happy he needs ME to be truly happy. He would prefer a picnic with me over beer with his friends, that’s for sure! A picnic that he prepares, btw!



He would enjoy magic, spirituality, unexplained mysterious. He would believe in a God, ENERGY, creator or Goddess. He would believe that science and spirituality really go hand in hand in many ways, but humans haven’t been able to make the complete connection yet. He would believe in the soul and the after life. He would be turned off by anyone that only believes in science or their religion, but he would respect them for their convictions. He would love that I have such a direct and strong connection with the universal energy that is part of us all. He would appreciate my appreciation for the Tarot and astrology. We would enjoy seeing a psychic together to ask questions about the Universe and the after life.




His favorite mood enhancer will be ME. He will have a drink every now and then, and even smoke weed sometimes, but his DRUG of CHOICE will be ME. MY happiness, MY pleasure, MY joy, will all keep him highly engaged, motivated and in a drug like stupor! He will feel euphoria and joy himself at seeing ME happy. MY successes will be his intoxicating fix. MY pleasure will become his ultimate high. He will chase it down daily. He will spend his life drinking me in, and inhaling my essence, like the perfect POSH junkie! He will be so in love with me that nothing will ever compare. He will reflect on the many things he has done in his life and see that none of it will ever come close to making him feel the way being MY subservient, adoring, even obsessive, husband does. He will be a slave husband for me, enthralled with being leashed to me not just mentally, emotionally and spiritually but also physically with his name now being MINE and everything that was his becoming MINE.





Meet ALL of the previous requirements and you will find out first hand what I require sexually.




Come follow me on and become my next brainwashed puppet. Follow MY special programming and have your mind completely renovated for me. Become the best boy ever FOR ME.




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Top 10 Expectations to Have in return for your Financial Service

Many people try to run the line that ‘you get nothing in return for your financial service’ and that is SO TRUE. But lets clarify. You will tribute, send my cash, and click and spend without expecting anything from ME in return. I will not get on the phone, webcam, or send you photos/pics, chat with you, or entertain, service or provide to you anything AT ALL in exchange for financial service. That would therefore be ME servicing YOU.


But in RETURN FOR YOUR FINANCIAL SERVICE you do receive SO MUCH! Just by serving ME and being my good boy slave you are able to experience so many things that other boys are missing out on. Just by being my personal paypet… even you drive by slave, and binge boys, will experience the BENEFITS of being a BITCH to Posh!
There is nothing like being a POSH owned slave, so here my little puppet… read up, and realize just how much you truly do receive for being a good cash slave for me.

Goddess Posh Financial Domination Pink Hair Blue Eyes


The Vanishing Act–

As the cash vanishes from your account and finds itself sitting pretty in MINE, so too will your desire to ever escape from MY hypnotic spell. As the slave wages you’ve worked so hard for dwindle down to nothing, so too does your ability to say NO. As you watch your money slip out from your grip, so too does your self-control.


A Lighter Load–


Life can be so overwhelming. Between family, friends, work, hobbies, obligations, etc it can be hectic. With your wallet becoming lighter you have found the perfect excuse to ditch all the overwhelming BUT NOT IMPORTANT parts of life! With your mind set to worship for ME, and with you on AUTOMATIC, you become so consumed with your life as MY slave you have no reason to worry about anything else. Naturally your load becomes lighter, as you are filled up with GODDESS and your wallet is emptied for ME. No time to empty it on selfish hobbies! No time to empty it on BORING FAMILY. No time to empty it on BORING SELF! Life is so much LIGHTER and BETTER with an empty wallet, full of GODDESS. 



I am a superior woman which you obviously are already well aware of. I am elite, classy, stunning, experienced, a MASTER of financial domination, and to be able to pamper, pleasure and provide for ME is a true privilege. I don’t accept every boy that comes crawling around into MY world, but all boys that send TRIBUTE before contacting ME are much more likely to be taken in. To be accepted in means you will have the honor of providing cash to me that I will use for MY luxury, pampering ME with high end gifts and vacations, and pleasuring ME with your financial sacrifice. We all know what doing those things for ME does to you too, don’t we. It makes you weak, horny and hard! BONUS: When you use DEBT to tribute me you get to experience the feelings all over again every time you look at your statements or make a payment. YESSSS! 


Chained Free–

The more you click for me the more you want to click for me. It is the best feeling in the world to be so in love with Goddess, so weak for Goddess, so helplessly CHAINED for Goddess! But in being chained for me you experience freedom in your life in a way you never could before. The freedom to BE YOU, to embrace your submissive nature, to embrace your inferiority and RELISH IN IT, to experience being a pleasure provider for a superior and sensual GODDESS. This sense of freedom is the perfect juxtaposition for the chains I keep you captive with. 



With the slave wages you’ve worked so hard for sitting nicely in MY account, you are able to enjoy every minute of every day in a whole new way! That rush you get from submitting to me, and providing cash to me, will hit you over and over all day long every day. You’ll be able to envision me relaxed and happy, enjoying the funds you provided. While you’re working, while you’re with family, while you’re driving… POSH will take your mind on a ride of its own as those thoughts all come flooding in. The entire world will be painted by your new POSH COLORED GLASSES! Everything around you is so much better now that you have your mind FILLED with POSH! Now that you aren’t consumed with selfish desires you are no longer agitated by the slow driver, the red lights, the bad weather, the late notices on your bills that are now starting to pile up, even your wife having an affair will be colored by POSH … it won’t hurt, it would make you happy, because you have more time to worship when she is busy.



Thanks to my financial lust and powerful hold over you, I have pushed your little limits further than you ever thought they could be. MY control over your boys is astounding. People are shocked by the sheer power I display when I simply tweet a single word, and you PUPPETS come running with wallets open! But enough about how much power I have, this is about how little and weak and pathetic you are. And with MY training and guidance you have been pushed beyond that. I have made you into a better BITCH, which is of course the ONLY WAY a man should be. Totally submissive, helpless, ready to suffer if that’s what it will take to please me… that is the sign of a man with true character, that has become so much better than his fellow man but ONLY because of ME. When you are hurting and suffering and think you can’t handle it any longer, you will CLICK AND SPEND that money anyway and you will become MORE because of it. You will then THANK ME. 



While I am draining you dry you  realize it makes you feel more alive than ever! The more I dig my finger into your financial pulse, the harder your heart starts pumping. Every emotion you ever experienced will rush through your body as I take you on this roller coaster ride. Up and down you’ll go but you’ll LOVE every second of it. This is a THRILL that is bringing more fire to your soul than anything ever has before. You are ablaze with desire to please me, to love me, to serve me. You are bursting with LIFE now that you have ME to live for. Bleeding green for me is exactly what you need for your life to become worth living. THE FIRE INSIDE KEEPS YOU BURNING ALIVE & IM THE ONE THAT LIT IT.


DECREASE in Wealth = INCREASE in Worth–

Before you begin devoting yourself to Goddess you have absolutely NO VALUE at all to me! You are just a worthless wandered in my eyes. The moment you begin transferring funds into MY beautiful hands you begin to increase in worth TO ME. The more you deliver luxury, provide pampering and suffer financially for me, the more I cherish you as part of POSHTOPIA! Being chosen to be part of MY paypet stable will give you a feeling of worth that is immeasurable! Only by releasing the cash do you gain access to your true puppet potential.  As you let go of the fear, anxiety, and doubt you become a much more pleasant slave to have around, and this also increases your worth to Me. 



With the intensity of emotion you feel for me you quickly become a LOVE STRUCK ADDICT! Clicking and spending your money on Goddess becomes a habit you never want to break. Its so much more intense than any drug, than any booze, than any LOVE you’ve ever had. This is an addiction that you can LOVE. Addiction to GODDESS, to pleasuring me, to serving me with money, to sending and clicking away your earnings, isn’t wrong. It’s so RIGHT. Of course it’s right, that’s why it happens. It takes over because it SHOULD take over! The need to give up all control and give it all away to ME. That feeling of relief and satisfaction every time you send me more money, every time you watch another one of my brainwash mindfuck video. Every time you are exposed to my Venus Sway mind control its like taking another hit. Its a fix you never want to miss. 



Clearly, besides giving me pleasure and financial wealth, being able to CONNECT with ME is truly the greatest expectation one can have when they are financially serving ME. You will be able to grow more intimate with Me, even knowing my fingers are wrapped around a wad of cash you sent, or that I am wearing a piece of jewelry you chose for me, will deepen the feelings of being close to me. You will begin to experience MY WANTS descending onto your mind before I ever even tell you. Because you are so connected with me. I will be able to read every emotion you have, and use it to not only connect with you but to further control you, guide you, and turn you into the best money puppet you can be. The personal and intimate connection my slaves experience with me is a rare and cherished bond. 



Goddess Posh Financial Domination Pink Hair

OBEY THEVENUSSWAY and become MY next brainwashed money slave!
Goddess Posh



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Clips are not sustenance, they are candy. They do not fill you the way true personal interaction with GODDESS does. Focus your mind on achieving more than just a few minutes of pleasure, but instead on fulfilling your submissive potential by serving me! These words of mine are words you need to LIVE BY! They will guide you into becoming the best financial slave for me you can be. Memorize my words, repeat them to yourself daily! These are the mantras you need to keep you on track. I know with MY mindfuck material you won’t be able to resist the call of my financial lust.

1. Financial Domination means you give me LAVISH luxuries…




2. 6/13/11 Reach true fulfillment on your submissive journey by surrendering to your calling to become MY financial slave.






3. 7/22/15 Embrace the loving feelings you experience for me, even as you are suffering your love grows. It is the place of a sub male to love and adore his Goddess.



4. 12/6/14 Worship with PASSION, as I COMMAND with PASSION and I deserve nothing but that BEST from you slaves.



5. 5/4/2016 My brainwash training leaves your mind exposed to the truth: you are collared and leashed for MY pleasure!



6. This almost goes without saying, but lets say it anyway! ALL MONEY BELONGS TO GODDESS POSH. As MY addicted payslave you know this.



7. 6/8/14 The emotions you feel for me have left you branded with my NAME on your soul!



8. 11/11/11 With GODDESS CURVES I have taken you and so many boys down. Know you can not resist the VENUS SWAY curve appeal of your Goddess.



9. Failing ME makes you feel miserable, you can’t stomach it! That feeling of disappointment will eat you up alive !



10. 8/25/15 Read MY words & learn your fate, understand your place, and submit to ME, as it is inevitable.

All in My Name

Oh what have I done.
I’ve become an addicts most beloved drug.
The needle so prettily sits in my clever grip.
In my hands it so tenderly strip… strip… strips…
all his weak will  away.

Oh what have I done.
I’ve become the intoxication in his lungs.
Inhales slowly enjoying the burn of his favorite fix.
Relaxed even as I make his mind drift… drift… drift…
away to the Venus Sway.

Oh what have I done.
I’ve become the angel in white with the Siren songs.
My sweet temptations are like the crack of a whip.
The helpless boy bruised and broken as I rip… rip… rip…
every bit away.

Oh what have I done.
I’ve become the chalice from which he drinks til he’s drunk.
Opens up so eager to pour my poison past those lips
He doesn’t notice as the money starts to drip… drip… drip…
his wallet sliced open with perfect precision
the cash from within flows like blood from his veins
all in my name.
All in my name.

I know my voice is a pleasure you can’t resist, so CLICK HERE for a free mp3 of Me reading All in My Name!




BONUS: INCLUDED BY TOP 10 TWEETS as well!  If you haven’t already RETWEETED these tweets you can do so now!



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My TOP 10 Financial Domination Hypnosis Mindfuck CLIPS FROM 2007-2013

Those who are new to the world of Female Domination and Financial Domination may have missed out on my legendary extraordinary mindfuck clips, as they have since been archived. Perhaps you were an addict/fan/pet/puppet of mine way back when and you were just too stupid to buy these files when you had the chance, so NOW, now you are going to make sure not to miss out on this opportunity.

All of these files are priced at $35 each! This means if you have just started your POSH collection of clips you can buy ALL 10 (plus the 2 bonus videos) for $420! What an unbelievably low price to get your hands and MIND on all this POSH GOLD! These videos have been locked away in the POSHTOPIA vault for many years now. It is finally your opportunity to retrieve the MINDWASHING that you need. Experience the ERASING of your sold and replacing with MY programming.

Current addicts: make sure you own ALL of these clips. If you are missing any I know you will want to nab these while you have the chance.

Potential addicts: make your transition from lurker to helpless addict that much smoother with this array of clips. They have already corrupted, trained and drained hundreds of men before you, what makes you think you can resist?


Click on the PHOTO or the BUY NOW button and help yourself to my deliciously wicked mindfuck clips…


Seduced into a Dodo
financial domination breast worship goddess



JUST LIKE THAT you CRUMBLE! My Goddess figure is so curvy, so sensual and I am so confident and in control that you don’t stand a chance against me. As you watch in helpless aching need my hands roam up and down the perfect voluptuous curves of my body your mind melts away and you fall to your bitch knees.

Dehumanized & Poshatized


Devastating Beauty

One of the FIRST FEMDOM Hypnosis style clips I made, and it really left a strong impression on all of the hypnoboys that watched it.


Good Boy, That’s Better

Mindfucked Puppet Andrew

Alone with Goddess




The Posh House of Mindwash

I have a room for you in My special house of Mind Wash, it’s set up just for you to make you feel so dreamy and so sleepy and so under my control. You want to be a resident at the Posh House of Mind Wash, you want to come in and never be able to find your way back out.



The Staring Contest


Praise be to Posh: The Good Boys Mantra



Send tribute as a THANK YOU for my very generous re-release of these amazing archived clips. I am a LEGEND of creative genius in mindfuck, financial domination, and brainwash and I will continue to be so. As each of you is living proof of the POWER of POSH!

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This list is the ONE you have all been dying to read, because to be put on THIS LIST means you have been a part of MY world, MY empire, it is the greatest honor to be considered one of the TOP 10 SLAVES of all the thousands of men that have served me over the years!


My top 10 is based on one thing: WHO I ENJOYED THE MOST! Many slaves have sent thousands upon thousands of dollars, and I am sure some of you expect to see your name on here but won’t find it. That’s because you haven’t sent enough MONEY to compensate for YOUR FLAWS.

My enjoyment obviously comes from the cash, but it also comes from so much more… for example, the first boy on the list is puppet drone alan.



While blackmail isn’t my goto fetish, I do love to incorporate it at times. In 2009/10 alan served me for a while and then ran away. He retuned in 2015 and as punishment for his previous behavior I decided to blackmail him hard and deep! Only his little heart couldn’t take it, and he begged me to stop, claiming a heart attack was on the way. Of course I still laugh whenever I hear his pathetic cries.

His torment and torture was the perfect ball of yarn for this KITTY to play with! I loved batting him this way and that, totally abusing his inferior position, and him helplessly obeying. His immediate reactions, instant obedience, devotion, loyalty, and financial sacrifice all earned him a place in my top 10. He paid very close attention to what I loved from a slave, behavior wise, but also what I love in my life (like purple, owls etc) and would always gift me based on what I ENJOY. He is a TRUE SUBMISSIVE and when he returns to my feet we will both be happy about it. He is on a break right now, but he will be back.

I actually raised the pitch so we can hear him on this recording, so my voice is also unnaturally high! I don’t actually sound like a chipmunk haha.





Robotoine is not my wealthiest slave, although he is one of the most sacrificial. He is always going to the most extreme lengths he can to be able to provide more to me. He will go without meals, and without paying bills, if I were to allow it. There are times when his wife will have to pay for his half of the bills. While he came to me as a sissy slut and wanted to be used at glory holes and as a slut for hire, he has since been reformed. He wears panties and is chaste, but he no longer lives in a world where is focused on being a sissy. I have altered his mind and changed his thinking so that he now has a better, more fulfilling, purpose as my slave. He spends every moment of his life serving me, working to earn my money, worshiping me, and being programmed by me. He is not invested shallow selfish wants any longer, as he is now designed to live for me. I have him on this list because of all of these reasons, and because of his level of devotion and dedication to me.



This slave was fun for me because after years of being exposed to my very intense Venus Sway brainwashing he was quite pliable and easy to manipulate. I had a wonderful time holding his strings and making him do the puppet dance for me. He did whatever I wanted without question, but the few times he did question, I just made him roll over and take it anyway. I loved being worshiped and adored by him because he did it with such passion and enjoyment. What a rush it was to see all of the programming I had installed coming to life right before me. The years of him being under my influence in film was so evident, he had NO CONTROL and was exactly as I had designed. Financially I drained his life savings, although at his age you would have thought he had more saved up than that…

Keeping him locked in chastity was especially fun for me, and I still have the key. Inferior males aren’t allowed to orgasm, the only pleasure they receive is the pleasure of being under me.

He had two other qualities which set him apart from the other slaves: 1. At the time he was serving he was 1 of only 3 boys that owned EVERY SINGLE POSH VIDEO and 2. He signed a BLOOD OATH slave contract with…. you guessed it, his blood.






The first time we spoke I knew he would be mine forever. He was fucked. He came to me with such a stupid idea that he wouldn’t be in danger, because look at that ANGEL FACE. To this day my hypnotic blue eyes still keep him chained and dazed. I’ve added my poshyfool because he is another example of the power of MY programming. He is a long term faithful slave who will be in my life for as long as I will allow it. We never have any issues, because he is wired to go along with whatever I want. He knows not to argue, not to fight, not to fuss, and not to whine. He knows to be grateful and thankful that every day he gets to be a melty, mushy, weakling for me! My poshyfool has served me financially for over 5 years now. He has had periods of distance through out, but at this moment he has served me continuously for 2 years!

I’ve even designed a program to make ALL of you boys into poshyfools for me, you can find that video here:

In this photo I’m wrapped in the faux fur blanket poshyfool sent to me.






Slave john has made this list, much to his surprise I am sure. While I didn’t like certain behavior traits of his after much reprogramming and behavior modification he has improved to the point where I am able to say he has earned a place in my top 10. John has been a very loyal slave financially, I have been in his accounts and I know where the money goes. It goes to ME. John is humbled and weakened by me, despite his normal alpha position in life. I am the WOMAN that BURNS through every part of him, and fills him with an ache to surrender and submit. My vulnerability is attractive to him, but then he gets close and sees I am really the predator and he is prey. It is not my fault I look so vulnerable with my sweet innocent face, but it is HIS fault he thought so! Now he is totally wrapped around my finger and warped for me.

John has sent me MANY gifts over the years and MUCH cash as well. I will send him a message to send me $400 and he will do it, just like that. That is the kind of relationship I like having. Whatever I want available on demand. I want him there to talk with me about my day, what I am buying, what I want to watch/read/see/hear, my interests/goals/what I want out of life etc HE IS THERE and THEN HE PAYS ME TO LET HIM LISTEN TO ME TALK ABOUT IT ALL!

The dresses I am wearing are both from him, and the phone is from Poshatized Puppet (new iPhone is from puppet drone) and the backdrop is from Poshyfool and the mirror is from john, and the Dior makeup is from poshyfool and various other boys.


beautifulbaldposh3 buymemoregifts34


William was a slave of mine a few years ago. Unfortunately for him he just decided to disappear one day, so it does leave him with a bad mark in my books. However, the rest of the time he was a SPLENDID slave! I loved his service to me. He was polite, dedicated, so sweet, really submissive, very obedient, worshiped always… so he was pretty much the sort of money slave I prefer! He loved to send me cute and pretty things, and I loved it too! He knew he was just a worker bee made to serve the QUEEN BEE and never questioned his role. MY superiority and entitlement inspired him to be an even better boy for me. He loved my videos, and would always be one of the first to buy them up! He always left wonderful feedback without being told. He would use every bit of his extra income on ME, making sure I had whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. He still reads my words from time to time, but stays in hiding watching his little anime films instead of serving his TRUE PURPOSE of living life as MY loyal and mindless worker bee.



Kendoll is a fun slave for me because he is more of a binger than a loyal service sub. Which I love! He feels connected and close to me when he sends my gifts and cash. My favorite gift ever was the Nikon D800 from kendoll, because I just love photography! The characteristics that I liked in KD is that he didn’t bother me at all when he had no money to serve, he served as much as he could whenever he could, and he didn’t expect anything in return. Kendoll is named such because he is just a doll, made for me to do what I want with. A TOY. He is just an OBJECT, an object for ME to abuse and use and it makes him feel good. He is hooked on being emptied of it all for me, and he knows it. His submissive personality, binge gifting & the NikonD800 is why I have him on the TOP 10!



Tony is an old bitch from New England. His life revolved around his unhappy marriage and boring rental properties. He had nothing to do but sit at home waiting for the rental income to hit. Until he met me. He found me and the story was never the same again. Instantly I became his reason and everything which was mundane and torturous before was now with meaning. For he was living for ME. This mindfucked bitch spent every moment devoted to my happiness. Imagine his boring life suddenly filled up with such an intense wondrous beauty as MYSELF! He suddenly had the most submissive and woozy state of mind. His little boy brain was about to POP from the exposure to MY brilliance, and it made him ever the most compliant boy. I sure do love my puppets nice and brainless for me. Mindwashed little bitches are the best boys to play with. I played with him so hard I broke him, oops not sorry!


9. DAVID from the NAVY:

David was a brief pet of mine many years ago but he left a lasting impression due to his sheer adoration, love and SACRIFICE for me! It was hilarious when he added my fetish findom Facebook to his personal one, and a friend of his sent me a vile email trying to stand up for him. We both laughed at that but he was more embarrassed she would do it! I told him not to add me on that profile but he insisted! Because he wanted to show off WHO HE WAS SERVING. I had no problems draining him dry of every dollar he had, and he had no problems admitting my perfect big breasts made him the little bitch he was. He deserved to be drained dry, becoming such a bumbling fool over my cleavage. I don’t even show my perfect Goddess breasts naked, but do you think that matters! NOPE because he is SO weak for my BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOBIES. I know he still looks at my photos and wants to submit again, and guess what, he will. You all will!


10. Her Little Wallet Mueller

Ideal subject was drawn in by my gorgeous eyes and big breasts, just like many of my slaves have been. He has stayed all this time, even into his retirement, as he is ADDICTED and hooked on MY mindfuck. He can’t get enough of being an ATM for me, his slave lever wired to squirt out ONLY Cash! We have a lot of fun roleplaying about his involving his wife in worshiping me. He and I have our own special language, and he is wired to respond only to MY words. His mind is fully POSHATIZED. His body completely wired for me, so now in his retired old age he can only achieve an erection when he is in HUMAN ATM mode! He is not allowed to feel any sexual response or feelings when he isn’t serving ME ! I have fun with this pet and am now making sure he remembers just how inferior and low down he is by making him serve MY lover! Financially he submits every expendable dollar he has. Ohhhhh my little mueller, isn’t it tax time…




11. NERDY-

This was a slave that would bounce between myself, and another Domme. We often discussed his dual service, which he didn’t realize, and would then ‘blackmail’ and ‘punish’ him for MORE MONEY after ‘discovering’ his indiscretions. He was just a funny and cute little slave, really devoted, and really dorky. I loved to tease him, and mock him, and torment him because he was just a weak little virgin. He did eventually lose his virginity but didn’t stop me from still tormenting him. After all he did have sex with STUFFED ANIMALS for me! Like a PIG!! He also humped his bed, pillows, and between mattress and box spring for me. Financially I was able to keep him from spending any money on himself, as he lived at home with mum and dad and I forced him to GIVE IT ALL TO ME! Well it wasn’t really force, since he was more like compelled to OBEY by his submissive love and adoration for me. He was completely obsessed and helpless and I had a lot of fun with him. That is why he makes my top 10!


All of you that are reading this now, this top 10 list is FLUID! Any of the top 10 can be knocked out of their positions by any of you boys just by you following MY command. Like the sheep you are follow behind me, I will lead you the way. The path to being in MY world is before you, simply take the first step. Send a tribute today, right now.


Are you missing any of my new hypnotic and mindfuck clips? This is a grave error on your part, for my films are designed to draw you deeper into my world. Which is what you need and crave. Purchase all of the films you are missing now, don’t think about it, just obey on AUTOPILOT like the good boy you are.
Goddess Posh

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The TOP 10 SECRETS boys have SHARED with ME:

1. In the early years I allowed a nasty piss drinker to serve me. He wasn’t a bad submissive so I enjoyed him in that way, it was the pee drinking I found gross! Although I had no problem making him fill up a cup and down it for me on cam, so that I could screenshot and blackmail him with the photos later. Of course I made him PAY ME to not share the photos with his wife & I also made him wet himself in front of her as punishment. He claims to have developed his taste for urine as a result of being told what a dirty boy he was… He confessed that at a prepubescent age his OLDER brother and his brothers friends would force him to perform orally, and would jerk him off. He actually liked it he said, and he said that they told him he was dirty and it was his fault, hence he likes to drink the DIRTY PEE, because he is a DIRTY BOY! We are no longer in contact but I see him around, and he’s still drinking that pee.

2. A sissy boy confessed to jerking off into his sisters shampoo bottle every time he took a shower. She never had any clue. He also wore her panties and socks and she never knew. He jerked off into them! HIS OWN SISTER. It’s such a violation of another person and all because of HIS SEXUAL FETISH. What is up with men thinking they can impose their fetish onto others?

3. There was a slave named MICHAEL who enjoyed too much ALCOHOL. He was a bartender at nights, and when he was feeling extra disgusting, he would stir up ladies drinks with his PENIS. I am not even kidding you. He admitted to sticking his dick, on more than one occasion, into a mixed drink and stirring it up then SERVING IT! After he made this confession I enjoyed a good round of CBT on him, something I can get into when MY mood is right. He actually lost his job after this, and he lost ME.

4. One boy confessed to me the first time he went to give oral sex to a girl she had SHIT down there. So, he was traumatized. But the traumatization didn’t affect just his desire to eat out women. This boy was so traumatized the only thing he could do to CUM was talk about fucking his own mother and how amazing and superior she was. He was a 44 year old virgin! At the age of 19 that boy went from being a normal vanilla man, to forever becoming a SLAVE to that experience. He was never able to enjoy women again. Except for his mom, which she didn’t know of course. But it didn’t stop him from staying on the phone with me for hours every night confessing how badly he needed to FUCK HIS OWN mother and be PUNISHED by Me for it!

5. A slave in NYC admitted to stealing his wifes dildo and using it on himself, like the nasty anal whore he is, only thing is this nasty fuck said he also used it (no condom) on a friend of his and then they PUT IT BACK without cleaning it. He begged for me to punish him for his wrong doings, so I made him lick it clean on webcam… I then told him I would be sharing the photos I snapped with his wife so she knows what a nasty husband she really has. He said he would confess to her that he used the dildo just please don’t send her the photos. Okay I won’t share the photos, but you’re going to be paying 1k to keep me from doing so and that is how come you should never tell your secrets to a Financial Domme unless you’re ready to pay.

6. Everyone knows about poop boy right? OMG he is so disgusting, this nasty fuck spends his time in the bathrooms of the mall hoping and waiting for someone to leave a dump behind. Then he eats it. He also receives mail from different women that contain their poop and some even pack in forks and napkins for him, and put them in lunch boxes. WHY? Because he ASKS for it that way and offers 1-5k each time. I have NEVER agreed to do that for him, I just can’t. It’s SO not ME. But, his confessions of his public restroom visits tainted my beautiful Goddess mind so much I had to receive a LOT of gifts from him to make up for that. LOTS of pretty and shiny things for MY home, to scrub his nasty dirty confessions OUT of my mind! YES I had to wash MY mind free of the NASTY ICKY feeling his confession gave me, and I did so with his wallet over and over. I drained him of so much cash, and never once did I send him any poo. He is probably still out there getting all these young bbdommes to do it for him now.

7. Men can be so very desperate when horny, the extreme lengths they will go to in order to satisfy an itch can be downright shocking! Years ago I had a caller confess to me he had installed a hidden camera in the bedroom of his neighbors house. She was a young college girl and had no idea her dirty old neighbor was a peeping tom. When she was gone he would break in and wear her clothing, and then after he would come home and jerk off to the footage of himself in HER clothes! One day he was doing this when his wife caught him. Instead of leaving she decided to blackmail him with it. She said she would go to the police if he didn’t obey her. She made him get the camera back, and she never told the girl but after that her husband became a total bitch for her. She began bringing men over and fucking them, while he had to wait in the closet watching, wearing her panties, not allowed to cum. Eventually she even had him sucking cocks for her. She took total control over his finances too. She gave him an allowance to humiliate himself with every week, with which she would make him call different Dommes on niteflirt, and tell the story of what he did and how his wife now owns him like a bitch. I even spoke WITH HER on the call.

8. A call I received on Niteflirt was from a boy that really loved the feeling of urine, and plastic. He would lay garbage bags out on his bed, and then he would lay down naked on them, and pee all over himself. He would lay in it all day, rolling around, sloshing in his piss. He called me while he was doing it and would ask to be able to jerk off into the pool of pee, and then swim in it! He would do this for HOURS every day, while his family were gone! He would clean up and shower after so they never knew. He was a really disgusting person as one day he was interrupted during the middle of his piss pool routine for an emergency at work and didn’t have time to shower. He had been soaking in that thing the entire morning already! He threw on his work clothes and WENT IN! He then kept blaming another employee for the strong urine odor.

9. A former hypnoslave confessed to digging up my personal info, including my first and last name, and more when he first approached to serve, although he had already known of me and watched my videos for 5 years before this! He found my private Facebook (which I no longer have one). To me this was a very chilling confession. Despite this initial behavior of his he proved himself to be sane and not at all interested in harming me. So I did allow him to serve. But when first hearing it I found the whole thing to be VERY inappropriate and CREEPY! There is no need for any of you to do any sleuthing or cyber-detecting of me.

10. There was a boy who loved his cum, so much that he would stir it up. Stirring it up wasn’t enough, he’d add food coloring to it, then layer it in shot glasses like a parfait. He then would freeze these shot glasses of cum and eat them up after! He confessed he not only enjoyed his own cum, but all mens cum, and begged for me to mail him some. Which is so gross, I of course laughed and said NO but you may TRIBUTE to me for having to hear about your gross ass fetish! He then confessed he had served his cum parfait to others before, lying to them about what it was! PUHLEASE stop forcing your nasty fetishes on OTHER people you disgusting creatures. He ended up blocking me on niteflirt because I would not kiss his fucking ass and pretend like him freezing up and eating his own cum didn’t disgust me. I’m not going to pretend to love your fetish for money. That’s not financial domination TO ME.

So boys what you need to know is I will make you confess all of your secrets to me, and I will use them against you. When I use blackmail it’s at MY discretion, not because some guy paid me to. I’m not down with that. I’m here to have fun with you like the little toys that you are. So when I want to torment and torture you by using your secrets against you, I will. YES I am the one that compelled the secrets from you and then used them to hurt you, but you will love me all the more for it.

« 2 of 2 »


Goddess Posh
PS. Send your appreciation in the form of CASH! I accept tribute here now too:

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Todays TOP 10 list just grew to a TOP 20!

When I first began draining wallets the standard practice was to open a wishlist, and like the good little Financial Domme that I am, I ran straight to amazon and loaded it all up with gift after gift after gift! After all these years its safe to say I have acquired a LOT of items from amazon and have gone through a various number of lists. My main wishlist has close to 2,000 gifts on the purchased side, all paid for with slave money (either directly or with gift cards).


This doesn’t stop me from wanting and expecting more from you boys though. The more you quench my financial lust the more I feel it, the desire to achieve great financial security and wealth at your expense. The desire to rise above the limits of your wallet to reach MY goals, and the desire to see you kneeling and obeying me, hand over fist surrendering every dollar to me.



I know since you are so anxious to be my special good boy you are going to eagerly supply all of the ITEMS I want the most from my amazon wishlist to me as well. But how could I narrow it down to only TEN items? I couldn’t, and wouldn’t. Although I did narrow it down to two TOP 10 lists! But, MY good boys know that what I really want, and deserve, is to have my entire wishlist cleared off! Then to be refilled, only to be cleared again! Can you clear it faster than I can refill it? Keep yourself busy now supplying your beautiful Financial Goddess with all of these wants. That’s a good boy…




TOP 10 UNDER $100: 
Benzara D Metal Port Hole Clock with a Sparkle<— PURCHASED! 

kate spade new york Cedar Street Stacy Wallet,Black,One Size

Juicy Couture Women’s 1901222 Jetsetter Analog Display Quartz Blue Watch<—- OMG so cute ! PURCHASED by KD!!! 

Desigual Women’s Vest Repli, Black, Large<___ PURCHASED

Desigual Women’s Sweat Anne, Gris, Large<—- NOT SURE

Splendid Women’s Rayon Rolled Up Sleeve Surplice Dress, Navy, Large <— I DONT KNOW WHO BOUGHT IT! 

Trademark Fine Art Parade of Red Trees by Master’s Art Canvas Wall Art, 35×47-Inch

The Walking Dead: Season 5  <— this goes without saying!PURCHASED!!

Game of Thrones: Season 5 <—– ROBOTOINE PURCHASED

Christian Dior Rouge Dior Couture Colour Voluptuous Care Lipstick for Women, No. 475 Rose Caprice, 0.12 Ounce.  PURCHASED by FREDDY!!! 


I possess you so deeply, you no longer see value in anything but ME! 

Top 10 OVER $100: 

Hillsdale Furniture 1638BQRT Trieste Bed Set with Rails, Queen, Pewter <— I MUST HAVE 

Baxton Studio Stella Crystal Tufted Modern Bench, Black

Baxton Studio Grey Linen Neo-Classics Chesterfield Chair

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Plum, Silver, Large

Juicy Couture Women’s 1901316 Malibu Analog Display Quartz Purple Watch

Cabidor Classic Storage Cabinet

OMAX 40X-2000X Digital Lab LED Binocular Compound Microscope with Built-in 1.3MP USB Camera and Double Layer Mechanical Stage  <– This is also on my TOP 10 MUST HAVES! 

Apple iPad Air MD789LL/B (32GB, Wi-Fi, Silver)

Marc by Marc Jacobs C Lock Suede Bucket Bag, Red Canyon, One Size

Cassida Coin Sorter (C200)  <– JOHN I TOLD YOU MONTHS AGO TO BUY THIS 


Purchase a gift for Me now, slave.

Oh and those of you asking what do you get in return, that’s not what financial domination means.

You’re on the wrong website, because this WOMAN does not EVER give up the POWER or TOP position!

And in return for serving me my boys get to know that I am WELL SERVED.

Goddess Posh

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My Top 10 Most Pressing Wants

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My Top 10 Most PRESSING Wants!


I’ve been able to keep you well informed on what I want already, but lets make it even easier for you! I know you need to compulsively shop for me, as making me happy is what you really want to do more than anything! The best part about this list is it will constantly change, as you fulfill each of my wants I will replace it with a new one. Imagine how long it is going to be after one year of you money drones obediently removing one thing after the other. Perhaps I will even add photos of myself enjoying myself, living the life I WANT, that you have paid for. Funding MY wants is so much fun, well even if it’s not fun you’re going to do it anyway. That’s the POWER of POSH!




1.  Gift card from for $500 sent to

2. CASH tribute for $1000 to MY PO Box

3. Ipad

4. MICROSCOPE & SUPPLIES on my wishlist <______ POSHYFOOL SENT THIS !!!!

5. FITBIT BLAZE PLUM also on my Amazon Wishlist

6. Skyline Custom Upholstered Tufted Chaise from my Delivery Code wishlist 

7. $5,000 cash in the MAIL

8. Canon VIXIA HF G30 Full HD Camcorder from Delivery Code 

9. Amazon allowance set up from 10 different slaves for MONTHLY deposit. You need to know my amazon address to be able to set up the allowance so email me first!

10.  Juicy Couture Women’s 1901316 Malibu Analog Display Quartz Purple Watch from my Amazon List <——- I DON’T KNOW WHO SENT IT


Remember as you remove these wants from my list I will be replacing with new wants, so your use and purpose will be never ending! you will always have a way to sink to your knees and submit to me and by clearing THIS list you’re making me a VERY happy Goddess.


Goddess Posh

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Top 10 Items I Collect

Posted by goddessposh on Thursday Feb 11, 2016 Under Female Domination, Financial Domination, Goddess Worship, Money Slavery, Photos, Top 10

Wow I love when boys PAY for things! In my case they pay for almost everything. While looking around My home I very rarely will find things I’ve paid cash for myself. Even when I do use my own cash (which is cash I’ve been given already by money slaves) I am always PAID BACK for this! These boys know that I will not spend a dime of my own money without someone having to PAY for it! I love to collect MONEY so much so I rarely spend the cash I’m given.


Since I have a love for collecting certain items I’m going to give you a list of the 10 things I collect the most of, and then you’ll be able to CONTRIBUTE to MY collections!!!


TOP 10 Items Goddess Posh Collects: 


1. What I simply adore to collect the most is CASH! I love it. I love the feel of fresh new 100 dollar bills. When MY slaves that have my address send me letters and cards stuffed with cash I always get that special feeling inside. I also love cash in other currencies, and have had many boys send those to me through out the years.


2. I collect boys with broken wills, helpless vulnerable minds, and open wallets. These boys often look like puppets, and will dance on strings for me. I keep them in a toy box or on a shelf, and whenever I want I take them down to play!

3. PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT! I am a photographer hobbyist and enjoy adding new lenses to my massive arsenal! My favorite camera is my Nikon D800 which was a gift from a money slave. I also have received MANY lenses and lights. B&H photo gets me so excited. Take me on a shopping spree there!

4. Souls from the lost and wandering boys that have always felt they weren’t made to be the alpha male, but instead were born to be a submissive slave to a SUPERIOR woman! I love to have these boys tucked away in my closet waiting to come out and enjoy life again, simply through SERVING me and making ME happy!

5. Desigual- I love the designer Desigual and already own a huge collection of clothes from this brand, but I must have MORE! There are SO many that I want to get my body into, and you can be the one to send them to me. Just visit my amazon wishlist! 


Desigual Dress

6. The love letters, cards, keys, rings, collars, and more of my slaves so I can look at each item and relive the moments I loved the MOST while dominating my slaves. I enjoy remembering the weakness, the helplessness, they displayed as I compelled them to SEND more and DO MORE! Very few items have made it into my slave box of memorabilia because I don’t take it lightly.

7. MUSIC. I love MUSIC. iTunes gift cards are the perfect way to add some JOY to my week. I’ll use it up QUICKLY. I can never get enough music in my world.

8. DIOR Makeup & other luxury make up, skin care, perfume and beauty products. I keep everything I want on my wishlist so you’re always able to pamper me, and send something you know I will just LOVE.

Send me MORE Dior!

Dior Lipstick

9. JEWELRY! I want MORE, I will have MORE, I love MORE, pretty jewels! I am very particular about what I love though. It’s always better to come to me and ask what piece of jewelry I would love the most right now. I also have so many watches and I can’t get enough! If you look through the years of blogging on you will find I have received MANY watches! That’s because I love them SO much!

10. HOBBY/LEARNING things, whatever I am in at the moment. It could be science related, or it could be physical fitness (I love boxing!), or it could be something more creative. Whatever my mood is at the moment, my whims will lead the way. You are just excited to be able to provide some happiness and pleasure to me.

Send a gift card to and TRIBUTE cash on NITEFLIRT.

Goddess Posh

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