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Wow I love when boys PAY for things! In my case they pay for almost everything. While looking around My home I very rarely will find things I’ve paid cash for myself. Even when I do use my own cash (which is cash I’ve been given already by money slaves) I am always PAID BACK for this! These boys know that I will not spend a dime of my own money without someone having to PAY for it! I love to collect MONEY so much so I rarely spend the cash I’m given.


Since I have a love for collecting certain items I’m going to give you a list of the 10 things I collect the most of, and then you’ll be able to CONTRIBUTE to MY collections!!!


TOP 10 Items Goddess Posh Collects: 


1. What I simply adore to collect the most is CASH! I love it. I love the feel of fresh new 100 dollar bills. When MY slaves that have my address send me letters and cards stuffed with cash I always get that special feeling inside. I also love cash in other currencies, and have had many boys send those to me through out the years.


2. I collect boys with broken wills, helpless vulnerable minds, and open wallets. These boys often look like puppets, and will dance on strings for me. I keep them in a toy box or on a shelf, and whenever I want I take them down to play!

3. PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT! I am a photographer hobbyist and enjoy adding new lenses to my massive arsenal! My favorite camera is my Nikon D800 which was a gift from a money slave. I also have received MANY lenses and lights. B&H photo gets me so excited. Take me on a shopping spree there!

4. Souls from the lost and wandering boys that have always felt they weren’t made to be the alpha male, but instead were born to be a submissive slave to a SUPERIOR woman! I love to have these boys tucked away in my closet waiting to come out and enjoy life again, simply through SERVING me and making ME happy!

5. Desigual- I love the designer Desigual and already own a huge collection of clothes from this brand, but I must have MORE! There are SO many that I want to get my body into, and you can be the one to send them to me. Just visit my amazon wishlist! 


Desigual Dress

6. The love letters, cards, keys, rings, collars, and more of my slaves so I can look at each item and relive the moments I loved the MOST while dominating my slaves. I enjoy remembering the weakness, the helplessness, they displayed as I compelled them to SEND more and DO MORE! Very few items have made it into my slave box of memorabilia because I don’t take it lightly.

7. MUSIC. I love MUSIC. iTunes gift cards are the perfect way to add some JOY to my week. I’ll use it up QUICKLY. I can never get enough music in my world.

8. DIOR Makeup & other luxury make up, skin care, perfume and beauty products. I keep everything I want on my wishlist so you’re always able to pamper me, and send something you know I will just LOVE.

Send me MORE Dior!

Dior Lipstick

9. JEWELRY! I want MORE, I will have MORE, I love MORE, pretty jewels! I am very particular about what I love though. It’s always better to come to me and ask what piece of jewelry I would love the most right now. I also have so many watches and I can’t get enough! If you look through the years of blogging on you will find I have received MANY watches! That’s because I love them SO much!

10. HOBBY/LEARNING things, whatever I am in at the moment. It could be science related, or it could be physical fitness (I love boxing!), or it could be something more creative. Whatever my mood is at the moment, my whims will lead the way. You are just excited to be able to provide some happiness and pleasure to me.

Send a gift card to and TRIBUTE cash on NITEFLIRT.

Goddess Posh

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