Top 10 Ways to Become My Best Sub Boy

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Top 10 Moves a SUB BOY needs to MAKE to Become MY BEST most TREASURED toy!

Its not like I’ll be making it easy for you to get to the top. I’ve had boys fighting for that position for a long time, but its fun watching you all competing to be the one that pleases me the MOST!

What weak submissive boy wouldn’t love to kneel for such SUPERIOR BEAUTY and know he is the TOP BITCH, the one that is always there to OBEY, SERVE and PAY me the most! What helpless weakling wouldn’t cherish that feeling, the feeling of being a special pet to the one and only almighty GODDESS POSH…

All submissive boys will kneel and STRIVE and WORK to become the best slave for me they can be.

SO lets speed the process up here slave, all you have to do is follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the number one money slave of Goddess Posh.

  1. Compete with yourself more than with other boys!

It is a mistake to believe you ought to take it easy on sending tributes because I have other boys to serve me as well. It’s not their job to make YOUR LIFE EASIER, its YOUR JOB to make MY life easier! Does Bill Gates stop selling computers to EVERYBODY because so many people already bought some? Does he sit and say well you know I think I’ll give this city over here all the computers for free since this city over here snatched them up like wild fire… NO NO NO ! Because he is an INTELLIGENT BUSINESS MAN! Your logic that another man is sending me cash so you don’t have to is asinine but not to worry I am here to GUIDE you onto the right path. The path to complete and utter submission for Goddess Posh.

The other thing is you also begin to feel inadequate compared to other puppets at times and that is selfish. This isn’t about YOU. Your goal should be to outdo whatever you have done in the past, not to compare to other boys. If you have sent me $2,000 in one month your goal should be to increase that for me the next month! Really find a way to bring in MORE to me, prove to ME and to yourself that you can work hard and find a way. Prove to me I am worth the effort and sacrifice.

2. STOP Feeling SORRY for yourself! Its gross!!!

Some of you boys get into little pity parties of doom whenever you hit a low in cash, or after an intense wallet rape session. Look I understand about after care and how important it is for a sub boy, but there are LIMITS. I do not want to hear any whining or bitching because you can’t serve. That’s your fault for not finding more cash! Besides I am giving YOU a gift by allowing you to live for and give to ME. I am giving you a gift by allowing you to find deeper purpose in my pleasure.  Giving is something that will bless you 100 times over. When you give to me you are giving to your own future a dose of GOOD KARMA !!! When you give to me you are ensuring your future at MY feet.



Now that you’ve found your way to MY world you are going to find that your own life has become transformed. I have become your entire WORLD in fact. I have become your favorite pastime, your most precious obsession, keeping your pleasure center tingling all the time. This means you’re going to make ME the top priority. I’ll know I am your top priority by your actions. I’ll know that I am the most important thing to you by the fact that every day you will be at my feet asking what can you do to serve me today! I will see you giving up things you once used to pass the time in order to spend MORE time on me!




With MY financial lust as your motivation you are undoubtedly going to hand over as much of your slave wages as you can. But this is just a reminder so you don’t let your little boy brain get off track… you MUST sacrifice for me MORE than what you have planned to sacrifice. You are not the one in charge here, not the one in control, not the one with the power. I hold all those things in my hands along with your wallet. I will dig into it and take what I please and expect a big fat THANK YOU from you! That savings account you have sitting there, its MINE just waiting for me to dip my pretty little claws into it. Everything you have will be accessible to me. I will have no questions about where your slave wages are going. I will be in full control and will be able to see just how much you truly are sacrificing for me. With the passwords to your accounts in my hands I’ll be able to monitor your spending with ease, so I’ll know if you’ve been holding back on me. Your sacrifice will be equivalent to your wealth. I don’t expect you to get me my own personal jet if you aren’t a multi-millionaire!


5. Always go the EXTRA Mile for ME!

With my happiness in mind every decision you make is easier. Just make the one that will please ME… right… so easy, so simple. I make serving me easy for you by giving you all these tips and tricks and showing you how to be the best puppet you can be. So you’re going to always go the extra mile for ME. When I’ve been shopping and let you know I spent $225 you would gladly send me $250 or even $300 in return! If I say purchase a gift for me from my wishlist you’ll happily do so and add another gift as well, to thank me for showing you how to please me. When I say CLICK you nod your head up and down and then you CLICK CLICK CLICK multiple times. Giving me extra MONEY makes me EXTRA happy, besides it is all mine anyway.



Its so thrilling to know your credit card is in my hands and that at any moment I could be out using it, pleasuring MYSELF at your expense. When you log into your credit card account and see the transactions you feel the collar tighten around your neck, you feel the pull of my leash, and you feel the tightness in your throat as you fill with desire. It never felt SO GOOD to look at your credit card account before POSHY! I love being able to open my purse and pull out a slave boys credit card to use on myself whenever I please. I feel such a rush of power over the little slave, knowing he is toiling away at work to fund my shopping trips.


I have zero tolerance for argumentative or challenging boys. It bores me. If I wanted to be challenged all the time by a MAN I would have chosen to become a slave girl but instead I enslave MEN … and that is the only way I will accept you. Either silently sending my cash, or kneeling when you speak and when you speak it is not to challenge or argue with me or to even talk about yourself. It is to submit to me, to serve me, to worship me, to praise me, to love me, and never forgetting your place. Every command I give has a purpose, and sometimes it is even a test. You never know when I am giving you a test…

The best way to ensure you pass all my tests is to simply obey every single thing I say. Kneel to MY word as LAW.


8. SUPPORT Everything I DO with OBSESSION

Religiously follow everything I do. Follow my twitter, subscribe to my Venus Sway members site, buy all of my clips and photosets, and immerse yourself entirely in the world of Posh. Follow me wherever I go, like a good little pup. When I join a site and tell you to join it too, you do so immediately. When I find a new business I want to venture into, you contribute in every way possible. You invest in MY brand and MY business just as much as I do as you want nothing more than for me to reach the peek of success that I deserve. Wherever I go I know I’ll see all my little puppets follow. Like My Venus Sway members site, which has 50 FINDOM MINDUCK HYPNO VIDEOS all valued at $50+ each already uploaded to it!

9. Learn what I LOVE and Give Me SPECIAL SURPRISES!!!

Find out what makes me the happiest. I don’t share my most favorite things with just everyone though. Those that want to get in will find a way in with their hard work and persistence and will slowly unravel all my beautiful layers. As you learn more and more about me, make a notebook in  your mind of my special interests and surprise me whenever you can! Send me special gifts that would mean a lot to me, and show me you have paid attention. Show me you are absorbing everything about me, and not just seeing me as a fantasy Goddess to feed your submissive beast. See me as MORE than just a fetish GODDESS with curves, beautiful eyes and an incredible ability to mindfuck you … but as a WHOLE person that is multifaceted.




I’m really averse to your penis. It doesn’t do anything for me, but it is MY slave lever which I use to control your slave wages with… sometimes. It’s not often I bring up the male genitals because they again are useless to me. Our connection is beyond the dick, we both get that. So boys that are focused on their dicks are often not even able to get a foot in the door of MY world. Different boys I give different limits to, some I allow to have sex with their wives, others I keep in full time chastity. I do not want you focused on your cock or it’s pleasure. I want you focused on MY pleasure, to learn that what you have with me is beyond the flesh. That you can transcend to a whole new level of submission just by being my obedient puppet, without ever having to touch yourself even once! The intimacy you seek will be much easier to find when you have your mind and eyes focused on ME… looking at me, absorbing my will, nodding up and down, obeying my commands, that is intimacy, that is being close to me. Touching yourself while you talk to me feels degrading to me, because it feels like you are seeing me as an object for your sexual release and I do not want that from you. I want MORE than that from you and you want and need more than that from ME.


So boys you have a clear list here of what you can do to become MY best money slave which means you will not be able to make any excuses now. There is no option or room for failure, all you have left to do is nod your head up and down and follow along. Follow the Venus Sway into POSHTOPIA and become drunk on my financial lust as it runs over and fills your mind and body with MY desires…


Go Use My NEW Payment Processor!!!! You can even use PAYPAL to purchase MY mindfuck clips too!



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